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Bay laurel a bad choice of trees

Question: On the north side of our house, we have a 10-foot-wide space we are trying to landscape. Several have suggested planting bay laurel trees, but we are concerned about the tree’s size for the space. When we went to the nursery, their suggestion was the Majestic Beauty hawthorn tree. Will the hawthorn tree do well in our climate and soils?

Chemical use for stopping olives varies

Question: When is the best time to spray olive trees to minimize olive fruit? One of our olives can make a mess on our neighbor’s front sidewalk and entry patio if not sprayed.

Get pot-bound citrus in the ground

Question: I purchased a lovely Meyer Lemon tree in a 1-gallon pot in the middle of the spring. It already had six lemons on it. I have the original fruit, have new fruit growing and still am getting blossoms. Should I transplant it now into a larger pot or wait until after the fruit ripens and is used?

Finish up fruit tree pruning now

Question: What should we be doing to our fruit trees right now?