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Tortoise coaches fighting progress

Spring drills are just around the corner for many programs (UNLV begins Monday), about the time an NCAA playing rules oversight panel will vote on a proposal that states a defense can substitute within the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock, excluding the final two minutes of each half.

Ex-UNLV QBs stay in the game as NFL assistants

Scott Turner and Shane Steichen have remained close friends since they were quarterbacks at UNLV, and they still have 702 area codes for their cellphone numbers, taking a little piece of Las Vegas wherever they go. And that includes to the NFL as assistant coaches.

Report: Cleveland made trade offer for 49ers’ Harbaugh

A Cleveland Browns offer for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh in exchange for draft picks never happened, but it would have meant Harbaugh would have coached twice a year against his brother, John, who is at the helm of the Baltimore Ravens.

A short story about Bob St. Clair, Andre Rodgers and Elvis records

Last week’s column on Bob St. Clair and the undefeated 1951 University of San Francisco football team — “The Best Team You Never Heard Of” according to the ESPN documentary showing this month — generated a lot of email and phone calls from readers who remembered St. Clair or that Dons team. Or had a father who did.

Northwestern quarterback testifies he was paid to play football not focus on academics

Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter testified Tuesday that he was essentially paid to play via his scholarship. Colter characterized playing college football as a job and said schools make clear to incoming players that athletics are a higher priority than academics.

Greatest play ever shows Cunningham ahead of his time

Randall Cunningham is humbled. When he thinks back, he sees only a big deficit on the scoreboard, 80,000 lunatics screaming at him and Bruce Smith on a mission to rip his head off.

Agent says Player A in NFL report is Andrew McDonald

A former Miami Dolphins lineman identified as one of the targets of harassment in the racially charged bullying scandal, has no has no problem with the team, his agent said in a statement Saturday.

Hauck favors rules to slow offenses

UNLV’s Bobby Hauck favors proposed rule changes designed to slow offenses. In fact, said the proposed change of forcing offenses to wait at least 10 seconds before snapping the ball to allow the defense to substitute doesn’t go far enough.

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