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U.S. recognizes spectacular scenery on Colorado River below Hoover Dam

Take a first-hand look at the Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Willow Beach. That stretch of water is part of the Black Canyon Water Trail, one of 16 National Water Trails across the country and the first in the Southwest.

Postcard from Brazil: Finding the rhythm of Fortaleza

One can’t help but notice the essence of Brazil and its pulsing rhythm. The sing-song calls of the beach hawker, to the echoing roar of soccer fans, there is an intangible percussive quality.

Postcard from Brazil: Figuring out the buffets

Brennan Karle is a Las Vegas teacher who covers prep sports for the Review-Journal. He’s in Brazil for the World Cup and will be sharing electronic postcards on his experiences.

Soap box racing no longer just for kids

The do-it-yourself sport of Soap Box racing has come to Southern Nevada, as members of the club design, build and race their cars twice a month on public roads.

World Cup’s most exotic host city prepares for influx of tourists

Death by giant snakes, malarial mosquitoes or drug-addled, knife-wielding thieves: If the barrage of blood-soaked headlines in the British tabloids is to be believed, that’s what awaits soccer fans travelling to the most exotic of Brazil’s World Cup host cities, the Amazonian metropolis of Manaus.