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Little known facts about vacation time

Paid vacation time is not a right, and other little known facts about vacation benefits in the United States.

Help your kids make the grade with healthy back-to-school snacks

It’s easy to forget nutrition in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school each day. Make a pact to embrace healthful eating, whether breakfast on the run, packed lunches or after-school snacks.

Healthy lunch and snack ideas for back to school

If schools and parents received report cards on the lunches they’re serving kids, most wouldn’t receive a passing score. Here are some tips to keep your child eating healthy foods.

Ideas for awesome classroom enhancements

From decorations designed to create engaging learning environments to having extra supplies on hand for students, the back-to-school shopping season requires a bit of planning by teachers.

Nomophobia: When a modern smartphone affliction leads to addiction

For people who are extremely connected to their mobile devices, going without them, even for only a few minutes, can be an anxiety-filled experience. Nomophobia, or the pathological fear of remaining out of touch with technology, is a relatively modern affliction.

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