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51s rebound for 2-1 victory over Reno

Jake Buchanan didn’t allow a hit until the seventh inning. But the Reno starter became a tough-luck loser as the 51s scored a pair of runs in the seventh to take a 2-1 victory over the Aces at Greater Nevada Field.

D’Andre Burnett’s quest to graduation
D’Andre Burnett’s quest to graduation

At the beginning of May, D’Andre Burnett is behind in school after getting in trouble and being sent to an in-house behavioral program. In the eleventh hour, noone but him knew if he would graduate. (Rachel Aston/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @rookie__rae

NFL owners can set their own rules

If NFL players want to bring attention to a cause, they should take some of those millions and get involved with their communities.

School shooting video game is unconscionable

We must create a movement to expose the purveyors of violence and murder who brainwash the most fragile among us for their own profit.

EDITORIAL: Trump trims the federal bureaucracy

President Donald Trump has made extensive use of Barack Obama’s favorite tools. While he’d be better served tweeting less from his phone, Trump continues to put his pen to good use.

BalanceVille Art Car Rides High Above First Friday
BalanceVille Art Car Rides High Above First Friday

First Friday attendees got to ride in BalanceVille, a Burning Man art car that rises 50 feet in the air on a hydraulic lift. (Madelyn Reese/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @MadelynGReese

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