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Pedaling the way to go for Las Vegas tailor

“It can be tough when you rely on a bike for transportation,” says Las Vegas tailor Michael Starks. “I ended up on the hood of a car when somebody turned on me,” he said. ” I got hurt pretty bad, just skinned and bruised, but it took me about a week to feel better.”
Even so, Starks says, he might never drive a car again.

Tired of skin that waves when you do? Work your triceps

Triceps are the yin to the biceps yang, each trying to sway the lower arm its own direction while still working together to make the arm function. You need to build both to have strong, balanced arms.

Sunrise Hospital offers new lung cancer screenings

Sunrise Hospital is offering a new screening that officials say promotes the early detection of lung cancer and increases the chances for long-term survival of people at high risk contracting the disease.

Blood type might be factor in stroke

ORLANDO, Fla. — Your blood type might affect your risk for stroke. People with AB and women with B were a little more likely to suffer one than people with O blood, the most common type, a study found.

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