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To reduce Lyme disease risks, keep tick-carrying deer out of your yard

Colder weather’s arrival means homeowners across the country brace themselves for the battle against bold, foraging deer. But with recent reports that Lyme disease – transmitted by ticks that live on deer – is even more prevalent than health officials once thought, keeping deer away from your backyard is not just a cosmetic or financial issue any more. Your success at deterring deer could directly affect your family’s health.

Simple ways baby boomers can boost heart health

It’s rare to find a person who hasn’t been affected by heart disease in some way. As the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease – and how to avoid it – should be top of mind, especially for baby boomers. Beyond scary statistics, heart health is about being able to live life to the fullest for as long as possible.

The new generation of guided tours: it’s time to think outside the bus

Many people hear the words “escorted travel” and immediately think “tour bus” or “motorcoach.” While there’s nothing wrong with either form of travel, they’re certainly not the only options available when you take an escorted or guided tour. A host of other options deliver all the benefits of escorted travel without relying on traditional motorcoach transportation.

The psychology of seasons: Caring for your mental health

When seasons change, moods can change with them. The long, dark and cold months can give people a serious case of cabin fever. Some people may even suffer from seasonal depression. Here’s what you need to know about this serious condition.

A can-do attitude in kids makes a world of difference

Raising children can be a daunting task. As parents, one of our many jobs is to equip our offspring with knowledge and abilities that can help them enjoy learning about the world around them, and ultimately, become successful in life. One important tool we can help instill in kids is a can-do attitude.

Part-time jobs may be the new normal in the U.S. job market

The unemployment rate has edged lower as the nation slowly recovers from the economic crash of 2009 but unemployment is still a concern for many Americans. Data reveals that 7.9 million people have filled part-time positions, to make ends meet. Many people are signing up to work several part-time jobs in lieu of a full-time position. It seems as though part-time jobs have become the new normal for U.S. workers.

Job searching skills to help boost confidence

Finding employment can be a full-time job these days, and while there is good news that the jobless rate has dropped 8 percent in the last year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in August stayed relatively flat. This can make it a challenge for those looking for long-term jobs and careers. Before your confidence begins to wane, it can help to remember that the skills applied to a search for employment can strengthen performance on the job.

Career opportunities booming for financial professionals

At a time when unemployment still remains relatively high and competition for jobs is stiff, the career as a personal financial professional holds much promise for graduating college students and career-changers.

Behind in saving for retirement? Approaches to catching up

Does the pace of your busy personal and professional life leave you feeling like you’re always playing catch up? If you were among the millions whose retirement savings and investments suffered during the recession, there’s good news: you can start to catch up with a few simple steps.

Home security tips to keep the holiday season merry and bright

During the holidays, family and friends will be gathering to share stories, hand out gifts and enjoy time spent together. It is also a season with houses left empty and large piles of valuable gifts often sitting out in plain sight through the windows – making this time of year ideal for would-be burglars.

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