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Halloween will be cool, clear for trick-or-treating

It’s time to add layers to your Halloween costumes. The weather leading up to trick-or-treating day brought the season’s first temperatures below 50 degrees to Las Vegas.

Resident changes his life after arrests, 50 years of alcoholism

After nearly 50 years of alcoholism, which resulted in divorce, being estranged from his family, losing his real estate business and facing homelessness, Stewart Meyer plummeted from his cozy lifestyle to rock bottom.

Greenspun executive joins Vegas PBS

A longtime Greenspun Media Group executive is leaving the company to join Vegas PBS.

Authentic identity yields authentic personal power

Many wives are mean to their husbands. And I’m not talking about lazy, abusive or selfish husbands. I’m talking about men who are devoted to their wives, who work honorable jobs to support their families, who go out of their way to try to please, often conceding their own wishes to keep the peace, and who are good fathers and good citizens. But instead of appreciating this kind of husband, they make undercutting remarks, often in front of peers. They demand more help around the house, then criticize or belittle the manner in which tasks are completed. They want them to be involved fathers but they attack their methods of playing with or caring for the children. They freeze their husbands out of their beds because they feel if their husbands wanting to have sex with them means they’re just depraved pigs who only want their selfish “needs” met. These are the same women who, likely during their courtship, went to great lengths to procure a proposal and a ring from just such a man. To what end? To ultimately create an atmosphere of resentment in the home she was bent on creating with him?

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