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Site sheds light on GSP’s personal ‘issues’

The question of what exactly is bothering UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre to the point he felt he needed to announce a temporary leave from fighting has been the source of a great deal of speculation on the Internet ever since the words came out of his mouth on Saturday night.

Pennsylvania lawmakers send bet-expansion bill to governor

Pennsylvania lawmakers are sending Gov. Tom Corbett a bill that could introduce gambling contests called small games of chance into thousands of bars and bring millions into the state treasury.

Council plans next move to keep sage grouse off of protected list

A Nevada council hoping to prevent the listing of sage grouse as a protected species debated its next moves Monday just weeks after federal agencies identified preferred alternatives to protect the bird found in 11 states across the West.

‘Selfie’ declared 2013 Word of the Year

Michelle Obama shared one with her “first dog” Bo, Hillary Clinton tweeted one with her daughter Chelsea. Now “selfie” — the smartphone self-portrait — has been declared word of the year for 2013, according to Britain’s Oxford University Press.

Clark County child deaths decline

Child deaths in Clark County have dropped by about 29 percent since 2008, according to a report released Monday, with significant declines in suicides and weapons’ fatalities.

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