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Sign language interpreter brings concerts to life for deaf

Teaming American Sign Language with dance moves and body language, Holly Maniatty brings musical performances alive for those who can’t hear.

Wynn Las Vegas oddsmaker sets Oscar odds

The Oscars aren’t until March 2, and several of the eligible films are still weeks away from hitting theaters, but that hasn’t stopped Wynn Las Vegas oddsmaker Johnny Avello from declaring favorites, for entertainment purposes only, for the event.

Tour de force performances make ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ shine

How good is “Dallas Buyers Club”? Matthew McConaughey shed nearly 50 pounds for his role, blows the walls off of whatever boxes Hollywood has put him in and doesn’t utter a single “awright, awright, awright.”

6 reasons the Oscar should go to Matthew McConaughey

Every so often, it’s as though all of Hollywood gets together in a secret bunker and decides that an actor is overdue for an Oscar. This year seems to be Matthew McConaughey’s time for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.”