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Fast food for thought

Last week, in seven cities across the country — New York, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City and Flint, Mich. — rallies were held demanding that the minimum wage for fast-food workers be super-sized to $15 per hour. Many workers walked off the job to show support for doubling the current minimum wage. The idea in theory is that these employees deserve a living wage.

Governor’s ticket hits bump

Last week, the best-laid plans of Gov. Brian Sandoval were interrupted — just slightly — with the announcement that former state Sen. Sue Lowden was thinking of entering the race for lieutenant governor.

The pitfalls of puff pieces

Democracy requires good reporters who can resist presidential spin; digest complicated legislation like ObamaCare and raise the caution flag when necessary; relentlessly dig until they reach the truth about events like the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi; and, of course, cut through the fog of fallen politicians looking for a comeback — politicians like Anthony Weiner.

Use of Force Board

Accountability has long been a problem for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, especially when it comes to officers who shoot people. Year after year, the public saw officers who made obviously terrible decisions, resulting from inexcusable mistakes, keep their jobs despite injuring or killing civilians. Too often, the review process was a joke, a pointless exercise in rubber-stamping.