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EDITORIAL: An army of evil

James Foley was fearless. As an independent videographer and reporter, he regularly risked his life to travel to unfathomably dangerous places so the rest of the world could better understand the horrors so many people endure.

EDITORIAL: Mountain Ridge the pride of Nevada

For once, Las Vegas isn’t making headlines for hype, flash or style. For once, Las Vegas is a national story for understatement, depth, substance, heart and dedication. And domination.

Police militarization barrier to community relations

Arming police with military-grade weapons creates barriers between law enforcement and the public they are supposed to protect, a high-ranking Reno police official told a Nevada advisory committee Thursday afternoon.

Missouri-born ‘Mad Men’ star hopes for best in Ferguson

Jon Hamm, a St. Louis native, says he hopes “cooler heads prevail” in the Missouri city of Ferguson and “people come through it for the better.”

‘Mythbusters’ broke up with the build team trio

The beloved assistants to the hit Discovery series “Mythbusters” Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are leaving the show, according to E! Online.

Serena Williams shows off karaoke skills

Serena Williams replaced her tennis racket with a microphone at a karaoke event a week ahead of the U.S. Open.

Public defender blasts D.A.’s take on witness rent pay

The public defender’s office on Thursday rebutted Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson’s assertion that prosecutors don’t have to clue them in about paying rent for witnesses until trial.

Did these two take selfies after breaking into a house?

Detectives on Wednesday released photos of a man and woman that mysteriously appeared on a Santa Clarita woman’s online account days after thieves broke into her home through a window and ransacked the place.

Clockwork blue and orange

Bishop Gorman”;s football practices are intense, fast-paced and carefully scripted. The goal for the No. 1 Gaels? Practice so hard that Friday nights feel like a breeze.

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