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Writer’s crystal ball sees big things for Las Vegas

Forget, for a moment, where Las Vegas will be as a pro sports town in 10 years. Put talk of Super Bowl 50 on hold for a second. Then envision the futuristic world of Super Bowl 100.

Little-known conservation district studies tax increase

Until recently, the Southern Nevada Conservation District has flown mostly under the radar. That low profile is about to change, though, now that the seven-member board has the power to ask voters to consider a tax increase. That power has the business community and elected officials asking questions about plans for the district, now known mostly for its annual Christmas tree-recycling program.

Trump’s punching bag includes Oreos

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a frequent punching bag on the campaign trail: Oreos. It typically comes up in the context of his stump speech about U.S. jobs getting shipped to other countries.

Ruvo clinic joins global effort to expand drug trials’ participation

Former state Sen. Sandra Tiffany found an ad in the newspaper, responded to it and waited. When she didn’t hear back, she called a friend with connections at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

Passenger detained after TSA agents find drugs in checked bag at McCarran

A cross-country flight was briefly delayed Sunday morning at McCarran International Airport, after Transportation Security Administration officials discovered suspected narcotics in a piece of luggage, according to airport spokeswoman Christine Crews.

Felon wants to reuse stolen identity

William Hatley has paid his debt to society for traveling overseas with a phony passport. Hatley, 64, pleaded guilty in federal court to making a false statement on a passport application and using the Social Security number of another person, both felonies. He was sentenced Jan. 21 to the four months behind bars he served while waiting to resolve his case.

NCAA needs to warm up to Las Vegas in staging championship events

Jim Livengood is convinced it’s time, that the NCAA will soon join the masses in supporting a concept of change, of evolving and improving and adapting and enhancing one’s stance on a fairly significant point.

Net metering rules may change Nevada’s green energy strategy

Nevada government and business leaders may have to shift at least part of their established economic development focus from renewable energy to other opportunities if new net metering rules drive the rooftop-solar business out of Nevada as predicted by industry officials.

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