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Study says Senate bill would halve federal Medicaid funding to Nevada

Health care legislation before the U.S. Senate could cost Nevada half its federal Medicaid funding and leave one-quarter of the state’s adult residents under 65 without health insurance, according to a new analysis.

Hospice nurses learn to cope with constant death around them

Not all the costs of giving hospice care can be marked in dollars. The nurses and caregivers experience emotional ones, too. “It takes a special kind of person to do this,” said Dr. Christine Estrada, medical director at Nathan Adelson Hospice. “They have to be compassionate … When they report for team meetings, you can see how much their hearts are in it.”

Intense sunlight can damage grapes

Q: I need confirmation of a problem with my grapes. A gardening Facebook group is certain my grape berries have thrip damage this year. I sent you a picture to confirm it or not.

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