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Bam! Kids dress as superheroes for downtown Las Vegas event

On a blistering late morning, when the temperatures hit triple digits, some locals might have wished for a superhero to save them from the heat. Such heroes were in plentiful supply at downtown’s Container Park.

Splash of color creates a lavish pool setting

“Inserting color into the exterior setting can transcend the entire ambiance of the space from sedate to sensational,” global estate developer Kassie Smith said.

Ponderosa, Meyer are not true lemons

Q: We have a 30-foot-tall lemon tree planted in late 2006. This tree produces large fruit, averaging 15 ounces to more than a pound. I consider this tree to be perpetual as it flowers fruit and maintains a crop in development at the same time. My question is, do we pick the ripe fruit or let them fall as they may?

Lawn mowers need tuneup before first use of season

Q: I pulled my lawn mower out of the garage for the first time this season and tried to start it up. The mower coughed and coughed. It wouldn’t start but I sure did get a lot of exercise pulling the cord. What can I do to get the mower to run better?