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Best and worst things to buy in October

It’s starting to get cooler outside, and before you know it, it will be Halloween. But between spending money on parties, decor and costumes — and gifts for the upcoming winter holidays — you’ll need to take a step back in your budget.

To help you save money this fall, here are the best and worst deals in October.

Best Things to Buy in October

Although November brings Black Friday deals for holiday gifts and more, October is still the best time to get some great deals. So, put on your comfiest shoes and get ready to seek out some of the best shopping deals this fall.

1. Jeans

High-quality denim can get pretty pricey. But lots of denim will be discounted in October now that back-to-school sales are finally ending, so score yourself a new pair of jeans for cheap — and even half off this month. For example, Express and Dickies tend to offer some BOGO jean sales around this time.

2. Camping Gear and Outdoor Supplies

Now that being outdoors is less appealing for most, a lot of outdoor gear is going on sale in October. Not only can you find great deals on camping items, if the weather stays warm enough, you might also have time to use your new items before camping season is over. You can even score discounts on landscaping and gardening tools this month.

“This warm-weather outdoor equipment is priced to move,” said Benjamin Glaser, features editor with DealNews. “Stock up on hiking boots and apparel, watersport equipment and more.”

3. AC Units

As it’s getting colder, most people are thinking about keeping warm, not staying cool. So sales on air conditioning units are typically the best during the colder winter months while demand is low. The best deals might be found on window units in particular as retailers are trying to clear floor space for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

4. Halloween Costumes and Halloween Candy

The best time to buy Halloween items might be the day after the holiday, but that won’t leave you with much of a selection. So, if you really want to get a good deal on candy, costumes and decorations, the best time to buy is the week before Halloween. This way, you’ll still have a decent selection to choose from, and get to snag some last minute deals.

Worst Things to Buy in October

There are, however, still a lot of things that you’re better off waiting to buy until Black Friday when sales are aplenty. Here are the things you should avoid buying in October.

1. TVs

Although September was the best time to buy smaller TV sets, November is when you want to make any big TV purchases.

“Black Friday is the best time to buy a TV,” Glaser said. “Unless you really need a new set in the next month, it’s worth it to wait.” So, avoid buying a new TV in October if possible.

2. Appliances

“If [big appliances] drop even a few percent[ages] in price — and they will — you can stand to save hundreds,” said Glaser. But most appliances will drop significantly during Black Friday sales. So, unless you really just can’t wait a month, it’s best not to buy things like washers, dryers and vacuums until November, according to Glaser.

3. Gift Cards

There aren’t usually significant gift card deals this month. Although you might be able to save some money on gift cards next month on Black Friday, January is really when you can save the most by buying people’s unused gift cards they got as holiday gifts.

These are just a few of the best things to buy — and worst things to buy — in October, but there are plenty of deals to be had this fall. Plus, your savings account will thank you. And so will your loved ones when you’re able to get them better Christmas presents with all of the money you’ve saved.

From GoBankingRates.com: The best and worst things to buy in October

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