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Slot machine questions answered: What’s the most common denomination?

First-time slot players may be overwhelmed with how advanced many modern slot machines are. The fruit machines are no longer just about several reels to line up — now there can be tens and dozens of paylines in a game.

Learning about denominations is a good way to understand your bet at a slot machine.

What are slot denominations?

A denomination on a slot machine is the value of a single credit. For instance, one credit at a penny slot machine is worth one cent.

But that’s not the same as the cost of a spin on that machine. The minimum bet on a particular game can require multiple credits. If you’re playing at a nickel machine and the minimum bet is 30 credits, then you’re paying at least $1.50 a spin.

Some games offer different bonuses or jackpots tied to specific denominations, meaning the mini, minor and other prizes can vary based on the denomination selected at the time.

Which are the most common denominations?

The vast majority of today’s slot machines are multi-denomination, meaning players can switch between several options. According to a report from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, there were more than 54,000 across more than 150 gaming establishments in Clark County as of March 31.

Penny slots come in second: there are about 30,420 1-cent machines in Clark County.

Here is the count for other denomination-specific machines:

— 5 cents: 1,215

— 10 cents: 216

— 25 cents: 3,209

— 50 cents: 357

— 1 dollar: 4,646

— 5 dollars: 536

— 25 dollars: 116

— 100 dollars: 71

— 500 dollars: 65

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