EXECUTIVE SNAPSHOT: Polly Weinstein, founder, The Jeweler’s Daughter

Trained by her father’s skilled hands, Polly Weinstein has become her own force in the world of jewelry design.

Weinstein, 27, debuted her collection, The Jeweler’s Daughter, in 2011 at Brett-Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas. Weinstein still keeps her collection close to home in the showroom of the Tower of Jewels on East Sahara. She said her collection brings a new twist to her father’s traditional designs.

Her father, Jack Weinstein, started Tower of Jewels 50 years ago.

Today, she is the marketing director for the Tower of Jewels, spending most of her days designing, selling jewelry and petting her standard poodle, Pearl.

Weinstein returned to the Valley in late 2010 after living in New York for eight years. She finished her bachelor’s degree at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers with a focus on sculpting. She was also recently appointed by Mayor Carolyn Goodman to the Las Vegas Arts Commission.

When did you become interested in the family business?

When I was in college, I didn’t intend to go into my family’s business. I would say many kids whose families have businesses would say that. When I was graduating from school, I had this aha moment that sculpturing, jewelry and art was a perfect marriage. It was all the things that I loved; I really didn’t start until I graduated college.

What can you tell me about your jewelry style?

My collections are a twist on tradition. I am inspired by growing up around fine jewelry and then taking those classics and adding some edge to them. My style is getting more elevated as I get older because I’m designing more with gold and diamonds and doing custom work.

Do you usually start out with certain materials when you’re new to the industry?

If I lose a lot of inventory with gold, it’s worth a lot more than silver. My dad wanted me to learn, develop skills in running a business before he gave me expensive goods to work with.

Where do you see the Jeweler’s Daughter heading?

Right now, my family’s business is really important to me. It’s our 50th year in business. I’m just starting to work with my brothers and actually get involved in their business. Right now, that’s where my focus is. The Jeweler’s Daughter is a little sister company; it’s definitely associated. But it’s mine by myself. I see that transitioning into carrying other kinds of goods at some point — other luxury goods. So perfumes, things like that, not necessarily in the immediate future.

Would you take over the Tower of Jewels at some point?

My brothers and I currently all work together. My mom still works here every single day. We’ll see naturally how things transition. The plan right now is for all of us to keep running the store together, and my dad to keep teaching us the brilliant things that he knows.

Tell me about your appointment to the Arts Commission?

Art is really important to me, and I was born and raised in Las Vegas, my hometown. To be able to put my stamp and contribute to things that are permanent here, it’s really exciting. It’s also an honor to have been appointed to a city board.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I mostly work and hang out with my dog. And I do a lot of charity events and volunteering.

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