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I’d really like an iPad, Santa — but do you mind waiting?

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent you a letter. I’m pretty sure this is still a good way to reach you, but if not, I’ll Google your e-mail address and send you a copy that way.

(For those wishing to e-mail the jolly old elf, start at www.emailsanta.com. You can also check the “naughty or nice” list or read Santa’s blog. You can even send a message to the reindeer, if you’re so inclined.)

I’m following you on Twitter (www.twitter.com/santa), but your profile says you’re probably busy, or traveling. I hope your mobile phone has a good GPS, but you’ve managed pretty well with an analog model for a long, time. I think his name is Rudolph.

Your Twitter profile suggests I should also follow you on Twitter @NORADSanta or on the Web at noradsanta.org to keep track of your whereabouts on Christmas Eve.


It looks as if you haven’t quite figured out Facebook, as there are several wannabe elves with some semblance of your moniker in their profiles. I gave the thumbs-up “like” to the Santa page (www.facebook.com/pages/santa), but you have fewer than 25,000 fans. I imagine the “real” Santa would have another zero or two at the end of that number.

Back to my wish list. I’ve scoured the Web for things that would look good under my tree, but I’m not really happy with the options. Sure, there are lots of items that have people all worked up, like the Apple iPad, e-book readers and other table computers.

I’m sure you’ll be delivering tons of goods with screens and keyboards, but I’m going to ask for a rain check. You see, I’m not really happy with the current iPad, as I’ve been reading more and more about a new model coming out in a few months.

The elves at Apple aren’t talking on the record, but there are a lot of signals that the next iPad will have cameras and a better screen. I also know that Apple tends to keep improving its devices, which is why there’s a sixth generation iPod Nano for sale. (That’s pretty cool, too, but I’m happy with my fifth generation Nano.)

I’m also asking you to hold off on delivering an iPhone 4 to my wife. She’s waiting for the elves at Verizon Wireless to stuff one in the stocking. I hope she doesn’t have to wait for the leprechaun to deliver one on St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe you have a connection at Apple to speed up the V-version of the iPhone.

Rumor has it the next generation iPhone will run on the 4G network. It means the already fast smart phone will get even faster and smarter. It’s a good reason to defer this big-ticket item.

I’ll be content with a new pair of slippers. If you really feel compelled to deliver a gizmo, the new Apple TV looks pretty nice.

Safe travels, big guy.

Sincerely, Al.

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