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Assets of Las Vegas gunman valued at more than $1.3M

The latest tally of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock’s worth totals more than $1.3 million.

That estimate includes at least $62,000 worth of weapons and firearm accessories collected from his homes and Mandalay Bay suite at the time of his death.

Families of the 58 people killed in the Oct. 1 shooting each stand to collect an equal share of those assets. But it remains to be seen whether the weapons or firearm accessories, which remain in FBI custody, will be sold.

“What will be done to them is still to be determined,” said Alice Denton, the attorney working the gunman’s probate case. “We have not been able to procure them yet, and we don’t know if we ever will. We just listed them so everyone would know that they are assets of the estate.”

If investigators release custody of the items, a judge will decide if they can be sold.

“Due to the highly sensitive nature of the tragedy and this probate, it would be my personal preference that we petition the court at some point to destroy them,” Denton said. “But we haven’t gotten to that point yet.”

When Paddock killed himself shortly after the attack — which left more than 800 injured — he did not have a will, so his mother inherited his assets. But she wanted nothing to do with the money and said it will go to the estates of those who died in the mass shooting.

The latest estimate, outlined in a recent court filing, also includes the more than $455,000 that remained in Paddock’s 13 bank accounts at the time of his death. The smallest amount left in an account was $30.95. The largest amount was $102,584.51.

Las Vegas police have said Paddock had 14 bank accounts. The source of the discrepancy remains unclear.

Police also have said Paddock spent the last two years of his life spending most of the more than $2 million he once had on hand. Most of it went to casinos, credit card companies, firearms purchases and his girlfriend, Marilou Danley.

Danley received three separate transfers from Paddock in September that totaled $150,000, police have said.

Two Mandalay Bay gaming vouchers also were factored into the gunman’s assets: one worth $29,900 and one worth $226.50. Both were dated Oct. 1.

Paddock’s van, which was found in a Mandalay Bay parking garage filled with explosive materials, was valued at $2,500. The documents note that the van was “listed at salvage value due to FBI dismantling entire vehicle.”

Investigators found nearly $3,000 worth of weapons and firearm accessories in Paddock’s Reno home, more than $18,000 worth of weapons or accessories in his Mesquite home, and about $41,000 worth of weapons or accessories in his hotel suite.

A property investment worth about $90,203 also was included in the estimate.

The gunman’s Reno and Mesquite houses previously were valued at a total of about $758,000, and a judge in July allowed them to be sold. No offers have been made on the properties, and both remain on the market.

More details on the gunman’s worth are expected at a hearing next week.

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