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Britney helps Rape Crisis Center with ‘Party Smart’ campaign

Everybody grows up.

Britney Spears used to be known for getting drunk then getting married, partying with Paris Hilton, and reportedly getting carried out of club Pure.

Those aren’t necessarily bad things. Let he/she who has never partied cast the first stone, especially in Las Vegas, capital of Not Necessarily Bad Things.

But Britney has stepped up to the plate to address the worst problem facing women in Las Vegas: Getting roofied by rapists.

The Planet Hollywood star shot a public service announcement airing on TV and throughout Caesars Entertainment properties, plus appearances on billboards.

Britney, Caesars, the Rape Crisis Center, and Reagan Outdoor billboard company collaborated for this “Party Smart” campaign.

“Have fun, but play it safe, and party smart,” Britney says in the ad. “Who doesn’t love to have a great time, especially in Las Vegas. Having a great time also means being very smart about it.”

(Her family previously, publicly accused someone close to her of drugging her.)

The campaign advises: “Get your own drink and never leave it unattended”; if you feel sick or drunk, but you didn’t drink much, get to a safe place fast and ask for help; check in with your friends regularly; know where security is; and make sure your phone is charged for emergencies. (I would add: Get to know your bartenders/servers and ask them to keep an eye on you.)

“Arrive Together. Stick Together. Leave Together,” is the motto. It’s good timing for New Year’s Eve. Many of us locals have known women (and men) who’ve been roofied by rapists or thieves. It’s sickening.


Typically during the lead up to an election, comedians tell us which presidential candidate would be the best choice for four years of jokes, but comics seem to be holding back, because they’re so freaked out by Donald Trump.

I asked comic Ralphie May: Am I right or wrong about that?

“Exactly, brother, you have no idea how dead-on you are,” May said. “There are so many people that are holding back, because they just simply don’t know what else this crazy (expletive) is gonna say.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Trump has called Mexicans rapists and murderers; he tweeted incorrect stats anchoring crime to black people; he said he was “absolutely” for a Muslim registry (but toned it down to “surveillance” the next day); he criticized a female news anchor for “blood coming out of her wherever” and Hillary Clinton for getting “schlonged”; he mocked Asians’ speaking patterns; and he aped a guy with a disability.

May, who isn’t even close to being a so-called “politically correct” comedian, said it’s time Americans get more diligent against what Trump stands for.

“I think we’re all in danger from rhetoric like Trump’s,” May said and joked:

“Who’s he gonna take on next, the Canadians? I mean, is he gonna tell us, ‘Those dirty snow backs are coming over here to ruin our economy?’

“It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in my life. When are we gonna have enough?”

May (who will perform Saturday at Treasure Island hotel) says anyone who is generally worried about Muslims should stop worrying.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a Muslim country war zone,” May said, referring to stand-up stints he’s performed during USO shows for American troops.

“I’m not afraid of Muslims. I’m afraid of crazy people of any religion, whether it’s shoot-’em-up-blow-up-y Muslims or shoot-’em-up-blow-up-y Christians,” May said.

Recently, “West Wing” screenwriter Aaron Sorkin said it would be so hard to write fiction based on Trump’s self-satirical campaign that “Donald Trump may be the end of political satire.”

“I think we have to stop looking at Donald Trump and start looking at ourselves. Who are we, that this is happening?” Sorkin said.

May, like a lot of people, thinks there is another possibility, though, that Trump is actually, secretly trying to help the titan’s old political friend Hillary Clinton win the presidency in 2016.

“If you were trying to set out to destroy the GOP, you would do exactly what Trump is doing,” May said. “If he gets the nomination, Hillary is a shoo-in.”

Doug Elfman can be reached at delfman@reviewjournal.com. He blogs at reviewjournal.com/elfman. On Twitter: @VegasAnonymous

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