Las Vegas TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs is lashing back at what she calls “mis-truths” and “mean girl behavior” leveled at her in the first episode of TLC’s “Sin City Rules.”

Here is the response she posted Tuesday evening on her Facebook page:

“The first episode of ‘Sin City Rules’ is now behind us, as is a great deal of media attention which kicked off last week. I sincerely hope that the coverage our show receives in the press succeeds in creating interest & in setting the record straight about mis-truths and loads of mean girl behavior on the show.

“I have been barraged by viewers who watched episode one, people in and out of Las Vegas who can’t believe that anyone would behave so disgustingly, let alone grown women.

“Many people very fairly asking why I agreed to participate in a reality show…didn’t I expect things would get out of hand?  Quite simply, no. I most definitely did NOT expect so much bad behavior. Before signing on, my concerns were that Las Vegas be presented in the amazing light it deserves, and that the women chosen for the show would represent themselves and our city with class & dignity.

“Well, after seeing episode one, I must say that many of my worst fears were realized. While I am proud of my own behavior,  I was appalled by some of the things I watched unfold.  I guarantee, every single insult & accusation thrown at me will be proven completely FALSE!  For those wondering, there is no script here, it is REAL…each cast mate is responsible for her own actions.

“’Sin City Rules’ focuses on 5 "powerful" women, I’ve always believed that true power is earned and achieved, NOT assumed.  Ask yourself this question….could you ever imagine 3 of Las Vegas’ truly powerful women:  ELAINE WYNN, KATHLEEN NEWTON, OR MAYOR CAROLYN GOODMAN sitting around a lunch table, playing with a lizard doll in a blonde wig?  NEVER!”


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