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Readers find flowers fit for nibbling

It’s salad weather — time for light, colorful dishes — so it’s fitting readers have found edible flowers and dried lavender for Jenn Dau. Paul Gasiewicz e-mailed that both can be found at Whole Foods Market. John Polhemus of Taste Specialty Foods at 3945 W. Reno Ave. said he carries dried flowers. Helen Schussler of The Tovah Team said her website carries dried lavender and other flowers at www.TovahShops.com, and Sheila Greenbaum recommended www.Lavender
LadyFarm.com (or call 541-347-7190). …

For Joe Barone and Janine Williams, who are looking for birch beer, Gasiewicz and Roger Armstrong both recommended Rocket Fizz, 5130 S. Fort Apache Road. …

For Keri Dilts, who’s looking for the name of — and a source for — a dry garlic dip/dressing mix she once got at Costco, Jennifer Dahmen e-mailed that it’s called Johnny’s Great Caesar Garlic Spread & Seasoning. I found it online at www.Johnnys
FineFoods.com (or call 800-962-1462). And Linda Lapham recommended the product from www.CoyoteCountry.com (or call 800-852-7454), which she said is available at the craft shows at Cashman Center. …

For Gil Eisner, who’s looking for fresh black squid ink pasta, C. McGilton e-mailed that it’s available at The Pasta Shop & Ristorante, 2495 E. Tropicana Ave. …

For Lynn Isaacs and Patricia Buchanan, Daniel Bellina e-mailed that frozen smelt is available at 99 Ranch Market, 4155 Spring Mountain Road. …

More reader requests:

Pam Smith: cracker meal;

Lauren Kepler: a source for the rosemary bread with salted crust that Trader Joe’s used to carry;

Linda Gardner: Mezetta’s Napa Valley Bistro Gourmet Olives, in the Italian Antipasto flavor;

Marijo Mazza: Kraft Italian Vinaigrette dressing made with extra-virgin olive oil;

Carol Barash: 8- or 16-ounce cans of red sockeye wild Alaska salmon;

Jeremiah Valentine: Kirkland Signature Sweet Mesquite BBQ Rub, which Costco used to sell;

Gina Morefield: Spicy Pepper by Spice Islands;

Len Husen: wild mushroom sauce that he used to get at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market;

Bob Merten: Russer Wundabar German bologna that he used to get at Albertsons, or any good German bologna that’s not all-beef;

Dorothy Ratliff: a local course for habanero cheese;

Winsor Harmon: pure pork smoked sausage, and bottled roux such as Kary’s or Savoie’s;

Gary Patton: a deli that serves pickled tongue;

And Jim Plumer: reader suggestions for local restaurants that serve liver and onions.


Submit information to Heidi Knapp Rinella, P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070. You also can send faxes to 383-4676 or e-mail her at hrinella@reviewjournal.com. Include your first and last names and, if e-mailing, put “Taste of the Town” in the subject line. Because of the volume of mail received, we can’t respond to each request.

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