Q+A: Tommy Sherlock of Harrah’s headliners Tenors of Rock

New Harrah’s headliners Tenors of Rock is comprised of three men from Wales, one man from Scotland and Tommy Sherlock of Liverpool, England. We caught up with the single Sherlock (“I have no kids!”), who rocks the bad boy role onstage in his short, curly locks and black leather pants and offstage atop his Harley Davidson — all with that wonderful British accent:

How is the residency going at Harrah’s?

It’s great, man, really great. For five Brits, it’s a world away from what we know. We have settled in nicely and are enjoying spending our time performing, and the audiences are grabbing onto it.

Have you made any changes to the show since the official grand-opening night in January?

We have changed up the dancers, as the members of Little Miss Nasty also have residencies in Los Angeles. Sometimes we’ll have three dancers instead of four. Other than that, we have carried on regardless.

What has been the most surprising aspect of having a residency on the Strip?

The most surprising? Hmmm … seeing my ugly mug everywhere. I’ll be out riding my motorcycle, and I’ll be next to a van with a Tenors of Rock sign. We’re modest and humble, and this attention doesn’t come naturally as Brits.

Even the biggest West End stars don’t have the attention that Broadway stars get on TV and with their name in lights. It’s a shock, but I’m getting used to it. It’s a great opening line: “That’s me! Do you want a drink?”

How is your voice adapting to the Las Vegas desert climate?

It’s adapting — that’s a very good word to use. When we arrived, we were lucky because it was cold and rained a few times, and it was humid. We’re getting used to it as it begins to get warmer. We’ve been lucky so far to avoid “Vegas Voice.”

It has cracked a little bit, but we’ve received hints and tips from friends here. We’re using the humidifier and staying very hydrated. We have no swings and six performances each week. Actually, there’s something that has changed. We started at five shows and increased it to six because the demand has been great.

What is your favorite song to perform during the show?

The opening mashup of two classic rock songs. We get to rock out, and it is a cool moment in the show. We try our best to pay homage to the best of classic rock.

How about songs that are on your wish list for Tenors of Rock?

Dude, the list is as thick as The Bible, to be honest with you. Maybe more musical theater into rock. There are so many catalogs, we have a backlog, from Black Sabbath to AC/DC and Journey. We had a 2-hour show when we toured Asia, so we had to shorten it here. The list is endless.

How is living in Las Vegas going for you?

I love it — I absolutely love it. I am a single guy, and I have no kids! And I am singing on the Strip with my best friends.

How do you keep in shape?

I love kickboxing and Muy Thai at this studio I Love Kickboxing. The employees are great and have been to the show. I just started Muy Thai — I am going back to my roots in martial arts

Your resume includes an extensive background in musical theater. Are there any shows on your wish list?

At the moment, it’s not in the plans, but Galileo in “We Will Rock You” has really stood out in the last five years. It is a hell of a show and very well-written.

Tell me one thing that fans would be surprised to learn about Tommy Sherlock.

(Pauses) I’m trying not to be too colorful about me. People know that I have a black belt in karate. I’m a space fanatic — I love anything related to the constellations and astrology. It’s reflected in my arm tattoos. My favorite planet is Mars, and I plan to get more space tattoos.

What are you doing for fun when you’re not working at Harrah’s?

(Laughs) That is a great question. Loads of things. I’ve shot guns, played football, gone go-karting. I love Parkway Tavern, going bowling, riding on my Harley to Lake Mead. I’ve met a biker gang here; one of the stage crew guys is in it. I’ve gone to the desert and taken pictures; I love photography. There is loads on my wish list — there is plenty done and plenty more to do.

Tenors of Rock headlines Harrah’s Showroom at 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Mondays, dark Tuesdays.

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