Sailor Jerry rum ambassador talks road trips

Hometown heroine Ashley Marsh has one of the most enviable jobs in the world: She serves as the ambassador of the Sailor Jerry brand of spiced rum. It’s the second biggest spiced rum brand in the world selling more than a million cases for the first time this year — second only to longtime leader Captain Morgan.

The swashbuckling heroes have similar appeals but it’s their marketing differences that set Sailor Jerry apart — along with Ashley! Sailor Jerry is named after the renowned American tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins — a Navy man from the mid-1900’s. Sailor Jerry who was tattooing fans 70 years ago has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Sailor Jerry collaborated with Harley-Davidson to create a line of custom motorcycles which featured artists from across America working on the machines. Similar designs showed up on the History Channel’s “Counting Cars” show.

If anybody truly represented Sailor Jerry it would be Ashley and she keeps his legendary exploits alive and well here in his Nevada birthplace. This is Ashley’s favorite place to hit the road on her bike as she told me for this guest column.


As a Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador, my job keeps me in the air and on the road 275 days a year. Every city I visit I try to find time (and a Harley Davidson shop) to hit the pavement, preferably on two wheels. One of the best places to do that is the birthplace of our namesake Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, The Silver State, Nevada! There are countless day trips you can take but I wanted to share with you mine personal favorite.

You’ll want to hop on your Harley Davidson and head east from the Strip on the State Route 147 to Lake Shore Road. A forgotten road through old Vegas traveling along the bay until you hit U.S. Highway 93 south. One of the first highways in the U.S., the 93 is a piece of U.S. history. On this nostalgic byway, you are heading to a popular tourist destination, the Hoover Dam. Pulling onto the Dam Access road you start to get an idea of the sheer size of the dam! Built in the 1930s, this arch gravity dam holds back the nation’s largest reservoir

Tearing through the desert with a lust for dust down the 93 about 40 minutes south of “The Damn” you’ll see road side gold — at first massive murals come in to focus through the heat waves, and then a sign that screams must stop: “Bullets and Burgers.” This road side gem is the fuel for you and your machine. Burgers, .50 cal rifles and alien murals make this a must-stop to eat, take some great photos and get ready for the trip back into the city.

After you get your fill, head back on the 93 and rip south toward Laughlin, crossing the Colorado river you turn north continue to chase the sun on the 163 to Boulder City. The town was created by the Dam builders’ families and is still a sleepy step into the past. Great antique shops as well as the infamous Toilet Paper Hero statue. This 8-foot-tall bronze statue is mixed with copper salvaged from the dam’s electrical grid and is a must-see.

Getting back on your bike and watching the sunset while you ride back into the city isn’t the end of your day trip. We all know Las Vegas comes alive in the moonlight so park your Harley Davidson and head to your favorite watering hole for a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Pina Colada.

If you want to see more of my life on the road check out and @TheOriginalAshe on Instagram!

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