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Trip of the Week

Trip of the Week

Margo Bartlett Pesek writes about day trips from Las Vegas and information about the surrounding areas. Her column appears Sunday in Travel/Living.

Elko offers wealth of outdoor activities, special events

Elko, an authentically Western town of more than 20,000 residents in northeastern Nevada, offers visitors a variety of recreational pursuits and plenty of special events, especially during the short weeks of summer before cold weather returns.

Hunting for bargains in the great outdoors

When planning outings or vacations in America’s wonderful outdoor spaces, keep in mind ways to save a few dollars with recreational bargains and even take advantage of some freebies.

Beyond bright lights, Nevada boasts plenty of dark skies

Despite brilliant lights and high-decibel sounds in the urban areas surrounding Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada retains some of the darkest night skies and quietest open spaces left in our nation. These natural attributes are enhanced by the Silver State’s sparse population spread over a huge expanse of territory.

Beatty, Rhyolite hold a wealth of history

A gold rush in the early 1900s spawned the town of Beatty, 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and the nearby ghost town of Rhyolite.

Titus Canyon an awe-inspiring route to Death Valley

Death Valley offers more miles of roads for exploring than any other national park. About 1,000 miles of paved and unpaved roads reach into most parts of the far-flung desert and mountain preserve.

Diggers search for signs of early man at Calico site

Volunteers this weekend are busily searching for clues at the Calico Early Man Archaeological Site near Barstow, California. They hope to unearth further evidence of prehistoric hunter-gatherers near the shore of ancient Lake Manix, which has been dry for 18,000 years.

Gateway greets visitors to Spring Mountains

A centerpiece of new development and reconstruction of facilities in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, the VisitorGateway provides an introduction to this unique forest island west of Las Vegas.

Escape urban bustle at Floyd Lamb Park

Once located far from downtown, Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is now an open-air island in a sea of development. The park offers visitors respite from city traffic, bustle and noise.

Old Mormon Fort preserves birthplace of Las Vegas

The birthplace of Nevada’s largest city, the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historical Park provides a quiet excursion into the past, when Las Vegas was just a welcome stopping point along a difficult and dangerous trail through the Mojave Desert to the California coast.

Explore fossil beds in California’s Rainbow Basin

Rainbow Basin Natural Area is a fossil-laden region of multi-colored rock formations, mesas, desert canyons and winding washes north of Barstow, Calif. The area makes an ideal spot for camping, hiking, scenic touring, wildlife watching and photography.

Date farm thrives in secluded oasis

China Ranch Date Farm near Death Valley is a popular cool-season destination with wide-ranging appeal.

Region’s wildflower watchers optimistic about 2016 bloom

Wildflower watchers across the Desert Southwest expect a very good blooming season for 2016, following an El Nino weather pattern that delivered fall and winter rains to much of the region. Gloomy January skies, snow in unusual places and cold nights have slowed plant growth in some areas, but that may just extend the season.

Big Bend of the Colorado attractive to outdoors lovers

Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area, the newest addition to Nevada’s state park system, nestles in the southern tip of the state adjacent to Laughlin.

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