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Costco appears to be adding another new item to food court

Almost immediately following the rumors of the impending discontinuation of Costco’s fan-favorite Roast Beef Sandwich, new rumblings have arisen regarding the sandwich’s potential replacement. This isn’t the first time Costco has set out to change their coveted food court menu, and it certainly will not be the last. The popular bulk warehouse club is continuously adjusting its business to accommodate growing customer needs and ever-changing shopping trends.

While the mass of dedicated Costco members have been awaiting news of the incoming addition to the food court menu, one insider took it upon themselves to figure out just what it was going to be. According to a post shared to Instagram by Costco Insider, the Roast Beef Sandwich looks to be getting replaced by a $6.99 Turkey & Swiss Sandwich. “Comes with a roll, brown turkey, Swiss cheese, sun dried tomato spread, green leaf lettuce and dijon,” the admin wrote in their caption before concluding, “ETA is end of February.”

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News of the new sandwich, of course, spread like wildfire, eventually landing itself on the Costco subreddit, where plenty of fans had their fair share of opinions to voice.

“If it’s not going through a panini press I don’t think most people will be interested,” wrote one skeptical shopper, to which another responded “I agree. If I’m going to pay for a sandwich, I want it to be warmed.”

In terms of how the new addition will stack up to its roast beef predecessor, plenty of customers were quick to voice their doubts.

“Looks dry, no thanks,” one shopper matter of factly stated. “It’s like they intentionally took the most bland, unreal looking photo possible,” another added on in disgust.

One common theme we see as Costco attempts to perfect its beloved food court menu is customers having strong opinions about the changes, and understandably so, membership holders hold fan-favorite items near and dear to their hearts. So when a sudden change is made and the replacement is not something to write home about, fans are naturally going to romanticize their long-gone favorites of the past.

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With over nine retired fan-favorite Costco food court items under their belt, and plenty of others that didn’t make the list, membership holders have a lot to miss about their beloved eatery. And while the $9.99 price tag of the Roast Beef sandwich was a bit too high for some shoppers, it seems as though the $6.99 Turkey & Swiss sandwich is still not enough to satisfy the vocal members of the bunch.

Aside from this turkey sandwich, Redditors also expressed their desire for the return of other discontinued food court items, such as the Polish dog and combo pizza.

Costco did not immediately respond to our request for comment regarding the rumored launch of the turkey and Swiss sandwich.

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Last week, shoppers took to Reddit to report the disappearance of the food court’s roast beef sandwich—an item that has sparked backlash because of its $9.99 price tag. Rumors about the sandwich’s discontinuation began circulating in October 2023 after an alleged Costco employee said they heard this news from their manager. The Redditor wrote, “More than likely due to poor sales.”

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In the most recent Reddit thread about the roast beef sandwich, multiple users claimed this food court item will be replaced with the turkey and Swiss sandwich.

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