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Food Finders: Locating ‘real fresh’ manicotti in Las Vegas

Nov. 26, 2019

For Gloria Shapiro, who’s looking for caffeine-free Pepsi that’s not sugar-free, two readers said it’s getting harder to find. But they did manage to spot it.

Karen Hadrick and Helga Smith found it at Vons, and Hadrick also found it at Albertsons and Walmart, suggesting Shapiro look for a yellow/gold box.

And for Jennifer Esposito, who’s looking for a restaurant that serves manicotti, “the real fresh kind made with crepes,” Andrea Drasner suggested Siena Trattoria at 9500 W. Sahara Ave. or Roma Deli at 8524 W. Sahara Ave.

More on poppyseed rolls: Longtime local resident and epic cookbook collector Pamela Grogan has started an e-commerce bakery, Kitchen a’ Stir, on Facebook, and her holiday specialties this season are poppyseed and walnut potica (using her grandmother’s recipe), as well as small-batch creamy fudge. Email kitchenastir@gmail.com.

More on escarole: Wendy Bortnick also found it at Whole Foods Market at 100 S. Green Valley Parkway in Henderson.

More reader requests

Ron Singer is looking for a local source, preferably in the southern part of the valley, for Tradewinds Honey Green Tea, which he used to get at Smith’s.

Tom Newton is looking for a retail source for pepperoni that forms a cup shape when cooked on a pizza, letting its edges char and get crispy.

W.G. Raley is looking for a jar of the ghost-pepper jelly served in tiny containers at Popeye’s, “or a reasonable facsimile thereof.”

Karen Racutt is looking for Original Big Boy Tartar Sauce.

Rob Lindley is looking for “cooking” apples such as Rome or McIntosh, for making applesauce.

And Sammi Foo is looking for lard-cooked potato chips for a friend who is turning 80 and “suddenly has a nostalgic longing” for the chips of her youth.

Nov 19, 2019

For Marie Kirker, who’s looking for a market that sells fresh escarole, readers have a one-word answer: Smith’s. Andrea Drasner, Ann Brown, Tony Costanza and Gloria Castricone found it at separate stores. And Jan Visser said when Kirker does find it, she should cook it, shock it and freeze it in batches. He added that good substitutes are chicory, spinach or kale.

For Barry Abidor, Susan Ford said Nemo’s snack-size carrot cakes can be found at local 7Eleven stores.

For Chris Darden, who’s looking for chocolate halvah, Brown found it in The Kosher Connection section of Smith’s at 2211 N. Rampart Blvd., and Rochelle Hornsby found it at the International Marketplace, 5000 S. Decatur Blvd.

More on cherry preserves: David Hoff was in search of Smucker’s brand, but Jim Guynup has another recommendation: Trader Joe’s. They also, he said, have some varieties with reduced sugar but no artificial sweeteners.

More reader requests

Ford is looking for Nemo’s banana cakes.

Guynup asks readers to share their favorite places to find low-sugar desserts.

Marcee Shafer is looking for dark roast Kenyan coffee, adding that all she can find is medium roast.

Ilse Root is looking for fresh kohlrabi.

Kay Garnish is looking for gluten-free whole-grain bread.

Rich Papaleo is looking for San Marzano tomato puree and paste, and fresh spinach that’s not baby “but the whole leaf ‘adult’ type which may have some flavor.”

And Priscilla Fowler, who used to get “fresh and tasty” cookies from The Sugar Cookie to serve to First Friday visitors to her gallery, is looking for a new source now that the company has decamped to St. George, Utah.

Nov. 12, 2019

For Abigail Aguilar, who’s looking for a poppy seed strudel or roll similar to those her mother used to get at a bakery in Parma Heights, Ohio, readers have several sources — and a couple are even local.

“She can find poppy seed roll as good as any found in Ohio at the German Bread Bakery,” emailed Melissa Brearey. “It’s loaded with poppy seed and glazed perfectly.” The bakery has locations at 2237 N. Rampart Blvd. and 9255 S. Eastern Ave. Laura Crowton recommended the Polish Deli at 5900 W. Charleston Blvd.

A. Quinn and Margaret Horvath recommended Butter Maid Bakery in Youngstown, Ohio, at buttermaidbakery.com. And Richard Menart and Jerry and Judy Cvetkovic recommended Strawberry Hill Povitica at strawberryhill.com.

More on corned beef and cabbage: The Cvetkovics said Johnny Mac’s at 842 S. Boulder Highway in Henderson serves it on Tuesdays, “and boy is it good.”

More reader requests

Jennifer Esposito is looking for a restaurant, preferably in the Summerlin area, that serves manicotti, “the real fresh kind made with crepes.”

Gloria Shapiro is looking for decaf Pepsi that’s not sugar-free.

Kelly Clark is looking for jalapeno bacon similar to what used to be available at the meat counter at Albertsons.

Fred Axthelm is looking for German springerle cookies.

Marie Kirker is looking for a market that sells fresh escarole, for making escarole and beans.

And Shirley Winslow is looking for bone-in smoked pork shoulder, not sliced and preferably with some skin on it, like she used to get at Glazier’s Food Marketplace.

Nov. 5, 2019

Renata Bassett asked readers for suggestions for local restaurants that serve corned beef and cabbage, and a few shared their favorites.

New York expatriate Helene Gottlieb says “there is no other” than Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, which serves it in the Sourdough Cafe and Charlie’s Market Buffet on Thursdays. CeCi Schreiber recommended the Suncoast Buffet, where she said it’s served at Saturday lunch. Judy Rubin recommended Three Angry Wives in the Boca Park shopping center. And Ann Brown suggested McMullan’s Irish Pub, 4650 W. Tropicana Ave.

For Edward Miller, who’s looking for large, never-frozen octopus, Linda Callahan suggested La Bonita Supermarkets; there are six in the valley.

For Sha Polstein, who’s looking for a local source for Sabrett Pushcart-Style Onions in Sauce, in a jar, Chris Darden said it’s available at Sprouts Farmers Market.

More on ice cream shops: Gloria Castricone wants to be sure we mention Luv-It Frozen Custard at Las Vegas Boulevard and Oakey Avenue and which, she notes, has been in business for nearly 50 years.

More reader requests

Darden is looking for Sabrett natural-casing hot dogs, and chocolate halvah — not chocolate-covered.

Susan May is looking for a smoked pork shoulder brisket for a New England boiled dinner.

Calvin Carwile is looking for Pillsbury Caramel Apple Moist Supreme Cake Mix and Creamy Supreme Caramel Apple Frosting, which he usually can find in the fall at Walmart or Smith’s.

And Walter Charpentier is looking for smelt that are headless, boned and cleaned.


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