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Readers help find frozen beef, dried peppers in Las Vegas

Updated March 27, 2019 - 1:06 pm

March 27, 2019

Myrtle Benton, in casting a net wider than our local Chicago-beef places, asked fellow Food Finders for suggestions for frozen beef, and as usual, they came through.

“Some of the best Chicago beef sandwiches you will ever find can be ordered from loumalnatis.com,” emailed Al Garth, adding that the company also sells Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. And Chris Loheit recommended tastesofchicago.com, noting that the site carries Portillo’s Italian Beef kits, Vienna Italian Beef kits and more.

For Ellen Hamil, who’s looking for 27-ounce cans of whole mild Hatch green chile, which she used to find at Walmart, Ann Brown reported finding them at the Walmart Supercenter at 5200 S. Fort Apache Road.

For Carol Sperber, Ellen Goodside said she can find 40-ounce jars of Dai Day Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce at Vons at 2511 Anthem Village Drive in Henderson.

For Don Shook, Marlene Drozd reported finding Plochman’s mustard at Smith’s at 9750 S. Maryland Parkway in Henderson, adding that she bought one recently. And Paula Zimmer said she’s ordered it on Amazon.

Jean Brandt and Jerry Beamon said Claudia Pollard can find Beaver Brand Gourmet Seafood Tartar Sauce at Smith’s.

More reader requests

Paulette Juryn is looking for Victoria brand marinara sauce, which she used to get at Walmart.

Jodi Rayhill is looking for a good local source for dried peppers.

Glynis Stirling asks if anybody knows how the toasted-cheese tortillas at Macayo’s were made.


March 20, 2019

Pork belly is one of those things you find in lots of restaurants, but is more difficult to find in local stores. Readers have suggestions for Cal Thoman.

Kristine Segura said she’s seen it in slabs and slices at Seafood City at 10405 S. Eastern Ave.; there are three other valley locations. Shannon Irving found it at Island Pacific Seafood Market at 467 Silverado Ranch Blvd.; there’s another at 8650 W. Tropicana Ave. Danny Calico recommended The Butcher Block, whose three local stores include one at 1550 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, and Ann Kaiser suggested 99 Ranch Market at 4155 W. Spring Mountain Road or 3768 S. Maryland Parkway.

For Gail Marotta, who’s looking for Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard and Inglehoffer Creamy Dill Mustard in 4-ounce glass jars, Charles Goodwin reported spotting sets of 4-ounce and 10-ounce jars at the International Marketplace at 5000 S. Decatur Blvd., adding that the two sizes were on separate aisles.

More reader requests

Irving is looking for Oroweat Extra Sourdough Rye Bread, which she used to get at Safeway in California, and reader recommendations for markets with “decent-looking whole crab.”

Connie Burditt is looking for Ray’s New York Bagels, a frozen, thin bagel (“the flavor of a bagel, the texture of an English muffin”) she used to get at Glazier’s Food Marketplace, and low-sugar oyster sauce.

Pamela Moore is looking for sliced gyro meat, which she used to get at Sprouts Farmers Market.

And John Schleich is looking for a dish he liked in Hong Kong called Beggar’s Chicken, a stuffed chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and covered with clay, which is cracked before serving — for less than the $130 he saw it for locally.


March 13, 2019

Arctic Boatswain emailed to ask for suggestions for local spots that serve well-done prime rib, and as usual, readers had some ideas.

Melinda Orlando and Jan Visser suggested asking for an end cut in any place that serves prime rib, with Orlando recommending Primarily Prime Rib at the South Point. Ellen Mead said the Yukon Grill at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder carves prime rib tableside, with rare to well-done servings available. And Ann Brown suggested he “ask the server to throw a slice on the grill” if it’s not sufficiently cooked for him.

For Larry Futa, who’s looking for Salsa Casera, Meade said she finds Herdez Salsa Casera at the Walmart Supercenter at 5198 Boulder Highway, adding, “Herdez is my go-to brand for all salsa varieties.”

For Linda Lapham, Sue Montgomery, Betty Richer, Helene Orenstein and Brown recommended Smith’s for no-sugar-added ice cream, with Richer adding that Kroger Deluxe Churned No Sugar Added is better than some that are twice the price. Montgomery and Brown also recommended Smith’s for no-sugar-added baked goods, and Brown also suggested Sprouts Farmers Market for both.

More reader requests

Delores Cormier is looking for Jack Miller’s barbecue sauce.

Norman Howard is looking for Wickles Spicy Red Sandwich spread, a relish.

Penny Reese is looking for Paesana Country Olive Mix, which she bought at Costco during the holidays.

And Jerry C. Jermanus is wondering if readers know of the current whereabouts of the former owner of Mamacita’s on Fremont Street, and/or the green salsa she made.


March 6, 2019

There are many, many positives about living in Las Vegas, but as a rule, good-tasting fresh tomatoes aren’t among them, so I wasn’t surprised when Paulette Juryn emailed a while back in search of reader suggestions. And fellow Food Finders Gloria Castricone and Ann Brown had the same one: Campari tomatoes which, as Castricone said, “taste like real tomatoes.” She and Brown found them at Smith’s and Brown also found them at Walmart. Note that they’re smaller than a lot of commercially grown tomatoes.

I’d also suggest the various local farmers markets, which are ramping up again after winter (there’s a list in the Neon section on Fridays), and Gilcrease Orchard at 7800 N. Tenaya Way, after it opens for the season this month.

For Jeffrey and Kirsten Marsh, who are looking for sliced bread that makes “nice, buttery, crispy toast,” Brown suggested the English muffin bread and other varieties at Sprouts Farmers Market, and Jan Visser suggested taking your favorite bread, buttering one side with unsalted butter and then toasting it. “When done, you will get that nutty flavor,” he said.

More reader requests

Myrtle Benton, who has yet to find the Chicago beef sandwich experience she craves in Las Vegas, is looking for one or more of three types of frozen Chicago beef: Papa Charlie’s, Vienna or Ditka’s.

Keith Marquardt is looking for smoked pork butt, also known as cottage ham, which he used to get at Glazier’s Food Marketplace.

Bob Thompson is looking for Better’n Peanut Butter.

And Elizabeth Pick is looking for Barbara’s Better Than Granola, which she had found at Smith’s in Henderson.


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