Readers write in for information on hard-to-find food items

Updated December 26, 2018 - 10:17 am

Dec. 26, 2018

All those Hawaiians have brought their culinary traditions with them in the process of turning Southern Nevada into the ninth island, so it’s no wonder readers found the almond duck and gau gee Pete Chisteckoff is seeking. Lona Luna, Rae Pattison and Lorraine Nomura recommended Wo Fat Chinese Hawaiian Restaurant, 3700 E. Desert Inn Road (near Sandhill Road). “This is where all Hawaiians go for their Hawaiian-style Chinese fix,” said Luna, and Nomura added, “Aloha and mahalo from Honolulu.”

For B. Riemenschneider, who’s looking for spiced apple rings, Taska Miller emailed that she’s been getting them for many years at Vermont Country Store, or 800-547-7849.

For Carl DiGennaro, who’s looking for a grocery store or butcher shop that sells leg of lamb and will cube it for grilling, Pat McManis recommended Larry’s Great Western Meats at 420 S. Valley View Blvd., and added to be sure you specify how you want it trimmed.

And longtime Taste of the Town reader Jim Guynup sent a tip for those who like to work with frozen dough: He gets Rhodes frozen microwave cinnamon rolls at the Walmart Supercenter at 5200 S. Fort Apache Road, microwaves one for 1 minute and 22 seconds, skips the icing but spreads it with a small pat of butter and sprinkles with 1/2 teaspoon raw sugar and some cinnamon. “So good!” he wrote.

More reader requests

Wanda Barclay is looking for batter for making Tom & Jerry cocktails.

Tom Fitzgerald is looking for Malvasia, a sweet white wine.

David Thompson is looking for fresh or frozen scrapple.

And Jody Belonga is looking for something similar to the spicy shrimp salad and smoked fish dip she used to get at Glazier’s Food Marketplace.


Dec. 19, 2018

Allen Johnson wrote to Taste of the Town to say he’d found an effective way to store olive oil and so was looking for “fresh — I mean really fresh” — oil. And readers came through with suggestions.

Bonnie Beck and Tami Huggins recommended Big Horn Olive Oil Co., 2110 N. Rampart Blvd., with Beck adding that they “also have wonderful balsamic vinegars,” and Huggins adding that the staff knows the source and date of when the oils were pressed, and offers samples. Suzanne Atfield recommended Sciabica’s California Olive Oil, at And Linda Nicolson, who was visiting from Vancouver, British Columbia, recommended Amelia Olive Oil at, which she said buys directly from farmers in Amelia, in the Umbria region of Italy.

For Fern Cohen, who’s looking for Saucy Susan, Bob Ranfone reported spotting it at Albertsons at 4055 S. Durango Drive, adding that not all Albertsons stories carry it.

And for Danny Calico, who’s looking for a “real” ice-cream parlor like he remembers from the East Coast, Penny Goldin recommended Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt at 10170 W. Tropicana Ave., and said her husband recommends Cold Stone Creamery.

More reader requests

Bob Holzlohner and his wife are looking for a good non-casino restaurant, preferably on the east side of the valley, that offers good takeout spaghetti and meatballs.

Joyce Winters is looking for Nature’s Own Life 2X Double Fiber Wheat bread.

Mike Eckman is looking for oil-cured olives, which he once found on a Sprouts olive bar.

And Marvin Konopik is looking for a restaurant that hand-breads its own shrimp, and also reader recommendations for a good food truck.


Dec. 12, 2018

Hot news for hot dog lovers from reader John Bisci Sr.: After hearing from his son in St. Louis that Sahlen’s of Buffalo, NewYork, had indicated its products were going to be available here, he spotted them at Albertsons at 5882 E. Charleston Blvd. Sahlen’s has been a frequent request in Taste of the Town over the years, especially for its snappy natural-casing dogs.

For David Braun, who’s looking for reader suggestions for good places to get latkes, Kristine Segura recommended Bagel Cafe at 301 N. Buffalo Drive, where she said they’re served with applesauce and sour cream. And CeCi Schreiber recommended the frozen ones at Trader Joe’s.

Bad news for Tricia Millwood, who’s looking for Yuengling beer: Bill Harper, who expressed an appreciation for it, said it’s not available anywhere near Nevada. Yuengling, which says it’s America’s oldest brewery, is based in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, andTampa, Florida.

More on lefse: Craig Carr found Mrs. Olson’s brand in the center freezer section at the International Marketplace, 5000 S.Decatur Blvd.

More reader requests

For the pigs in a blanket he likes to make for New Year’s Eve, Bob White is looking for Hebrew National Cocktail Franks — not the frozen ones wrapped in dough.

B. Riemenschneider is looking for spiced apple rings.

Angie Reiss is looking for Ronzoni or any other brand of pastina, which she said is good for infants.

And North Carolina native Linda Valkenburg, missing her country ham biscuits, is looking for a local source for vacuum-packed center-cut country ham slices.


Dec. 5, 2018

Richard Rosenheim wrote in search of a half-pound burger from a non-chain restaurant that ranked with those he used to enjoy at the now-closed Triple Play, and readers were ready with suggestions.

Ann Brown recommended the build-your-own Black Angus burger at Lakes Lounge, 2920 Lake East Drive in The Lakes. Grant Turner of The Dillinger Food & Drinkery at 1224 Arizona St. in Boulder City suggested theirs. And Kenny Harper said the former Triple Play chef is at the Tap House, 5589 W. Charleston Blvd.

For Mary Zordani, who’s looking for a good coffee cake made with yeast dough, Linda and Joe DiRosa recommended New York Bagel N Bakery, 840 S. Rancho Drive, where the bakery is by Steven Montesano, former owner of Montesano’s on Eastern Avenue.

For Phillip Lecato, Helene Campton said she has bought salt-rising bread from Heitzman Pink Box Bakery in Louisville, Ky., via, adding that it’s “a bit pricey because shipping isn’t cheap, but a very good product.”

And for Giorgio Cerruti, who’s looking for ready-to-bake focaccia dough he used to get at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, Jan Visser emailed that he has used fresh store-bought pizza dough and it worked great.

More reader requests

Gene Schnose is looking for a source for frozen lutefisk, or a restaurant that will be serving it during the holidays.

Hal DeQuardo is looking for Cento diced tomatoes.

Angie Reiss is looking for teriyaki-flavor Rice A Roni, which she used to get at Smith’s.

And Larry Urbanek is looking for Alessi brand thin breadsticks, which he used to get at Glazier’s, and veal bouillon cubes, Maggi or another brand.


Send requests to Heidi Knapp Rinella at or 702-383-0474 (put “Taste of the Town” in the subject line). Follow @HKRinella on Twitter.

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The famous and newly restored, Hard Rock Cafe guitar sign has been moved to its permanent home at the Neon Museum Boneyard in downtown Las Vegas. It will be moved in six pieces and take five days for reconstruction. (K.M. Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @KMCannonPhoto
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