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In Case You Missed It: How to make a Ford Fiesta awesome

When have you ever heard awesome and Ford Fiesta in the same sentence?

Well, my friends, it’s about to happen.

Joe Penna, or MysteryGuitarMan as his YouTube followers know him, decks out a Ford Fiesta and turns up the volume.

If you’re thinking “decked out” means speakers and a subwoofer, well, it doesn’t. See, MysteryGuitarMan uses random objects to makes music. So, when I say “decked out” I mean with PVC pipes, 5-gallon buckets and a trash bin.

Not what you had in mind, is it? But, here you go: Some awesome music made by a Ford Fiesta.

OK, so it takes 699 video edits to make that music, but the system set-up to make the different noises is pretty impressive.

MysteryGuitarMan uses the steering wheel as his main control to determine which pipe gets played and various parts of the car — turn signal, ignition, horn — to make complimentary sounds.

It’s rather ingenious.

So, now I know what I can do this weekend instead of that honey-do list. My neighbors will love it.

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