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LeBron scores big laughs in ‘Trainwreck’ — VIDEO

At this point, griping that Judd Apatow‘€™s movies are at least 20 minutes too long and get weird and ugly in the middle is like complaining that there‘€™s too much blue in the sky or too much screaming on Bravo.

Some things just aren‘t going to change.

Still, the Apatow-directed "Trainwreck"€ is at least 20 minutes too long and gets weird and ugly in the middle.

Having said that, though, the Amy Schumer-scripted comedy is pretty hilarious. And many of those laughs are sports — or at least "sports entertainment" —€” related.

Schumer portrays a writer at S‘€™Nuff magazine —€” sample headline, "You‘re Not Gay, She‘s Boring"€ —€” who, despite her hatred of sports, is tasked with profiling rising sports surgeon Aaron Conners (Bill Hader). She cares so little about sports, but pretends to be a fan to impress him, that when he asks what her favorite teams are, she rattles off a series of ridiculous names, including the Cincinnati Thunder Wizards, the Long Island Mediums and the Orlando Blooms.

Tony Romo and Amar‘e Stoudemire get a few nice moments as themselves. And the WWE‘€™s John Cena, as one of Amy‘€™s boyfriends, is so over-the-top ridiculous, he nearly steals the entire movie.

But "€œTrainwreck‘€™s"€ real surprise is how likable LeBron James is, playing himself, as Aaron‘s best friend and relationship advisor. Whether he‘€™s playing a merciless game of one-on-one with Aaron or asking Amy how she feels about his buddy — "€œDo you hear his name when you listen to the wind?"€ —€” James gets plenty of opportunities in "€œTrainwreck"€ to prove he‘€™s a winner in yet another field.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

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