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Missing Links

Just because you can push a button doesn’t necessarily mean you are a photographer. At the appropriately named youarenota photographer.com, the obvious is pointed out with a collection of photos from various photography businesses, showing that you need talent and not just a camera to be a professional.

Tired of seeing Charlie Sheen’s name and face every time you fire up the Internet? At fffff.at/tinted-sheen/ you can install a plug-in for your Firefox or Chrome browser that will block out the self-proclaimed rock star from Mars’ name and face every time you stumble across a web page featuring such.

If you’ve ever said "I can’t accurately convey this emotion, but James Van Der Beek from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ probably could," this site is for you. At www.jamesvandermemes.com, the actor acts a variety of actions ranging from asking for a check to a spit take.

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