How does Adelitas Way frontman spend his free time?

Las Vegas offers a seemingly endless array of entertainment options that attract people from around the world. With so many things to do, it can often be difficult to decide where to go. To help you out, Entertainment Diet asks prominent Las Vegans how they spend their free time. This week: Adelitas Way frontman Rick DeJesus

Las Vegas Review-Journal: The holiday season is upon us again. What are you excited about doing in the next two or three weeks? What are you going to go see? Are you going to do anything fun?

DeJesus: Yeah, I’m going to take my kids to do the whole run. We’re going to go to Opportunity Village. We’re going to look at the lights. We’re going to do … Christmas, to me, is a family experience. I just decorated the tree with my kids, and we watch Christmas movies every day. We’re going to watch Christmas movies every night. I spend a lot of time with my kids and we’re going to totally go and do the whole run of all the things you do … the memories you make with your kids — you know, go see the lights, go to family’s house, have the family dinners. The holidays are all about family, so that’s what I’m going to focus on.

R-J: What part of town are you in?

DeJesus: I’m in Henderson. I love it over here. I’m up in Anthem.

R-J: So where are your favorite places in Vegas? Where are your favorite places to eat, favorite places to go?

DeJesus: Oh, so many. Me and my wife have our places we love to go on the Strip. All the best restaurants to me are on the outside, in Summerlin and Henderson. In Henderson, I love I Love Sushi. I love Cafe Rio. Uh, Grimaldi’s is a great pizza place that I eat at. There’s Lindo Michoacan, which has great Mexican food. Oh, the Great Greek on Warm Springs and Stephanie, they have the best Greek food — not only do they have the best Greek food in Vegas; they have the best Greek food, period. I mean, I travel all over the place. I have Greek town in Chicago, Greek town in every city you can imagine. The Great Greek in Henderson is the best Greek place, for me, that I’ve had, in my opinion.

Me and my wife also love hitting Mastro’s Ocean Club on the Strip. I mean, you name a restaurant in Vegas, I’ve had it. We’re foodies. We dine out a lot. But my wife’s also an amazing cook. We’ve been eating at home more, because obviously we have a family, and my wife makes better food than most restaurants. But with that being said, we’ve still had our fair share of a little taste of everything in this town.

R-J: You’re playing at Count’s Vamp’d this weekend. Why did you pick Count’s?

DeJesus: We love Count’s. We love the venue. People look at it as a rock bar. We’ve played every venue in Vegas, and we just get a really good vibe from Count’s. They do a really good job of getting the show out there. Cory is great when we go there. It’s always a party. It’s always a fun night. It’s a place we love to play. We love to play Count’s. This time, we’re going to play some songs we haven’t played for a while. It’s going to be a special set. We’re going to debut a new song. I mean, we love Vamp’d. It’s one of our favorite places to play. The top two places to play in Vegas are the Brooklyn Bowl and Count’s Vamp’d, for me.

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