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More fascinating figures from EDC

Pop quiz: How many confetti cannons would you say it takes to drizzle 18,000 pounds of shredded party preciption on legions of EDM lovers at EDC?

If you answered “six,” boy, are you way off! According to our friends at Insomniac, the number we were looking for here is 95. Yes, 95. Sorry you didn’t have the correct answer and you won’t be today’s champion, but we have some lovely parting gifts for you. What, you ask? Well, how about some more fun facts related to Electric Daisy Carnival?

We already shared the breakdown of the number of EDC attendees from each state with you, and now we have some more fascinating figures from the 2015 edition of Insomniac’s print magazine (presumably available for purchase at the festival, but don’t quote us on that).

Like, for instance, did you know that it takes 16,000 megawatts to run 5.3 million watts of speaker power, being fed by 52 CDJs and 29 mixers? Now granted, we don’t know megawatts from Mike Watt, but that sounds like a Griswold-worthy drain on the power grid. Here’s a few more fascinating facts and figures from EDC 2014. (Source: Compiled from Isomniac’s magazine and from the promoter’s website. We zeroed in on the ones we found most captivating):

• EDC has added nearly a billion dollars to Las Vegas economy since making the move here nearly five years ago.

Most of the people that EDC attracts are from out-of-state, 94 percent of the total guests, which Insomniac placed at just above 400K last year.

• $156.6 million was spent by attendees in general.

• $30.2 million went towards lodging.

• $23.5 million was devoted to gaming.

• $16.8 million went towards entertainment.

• $13.2 million was spent on retail.

• $18.6 million was spent on transportation.

• As sprawling as EDC is, it doesn’t even take up all of the acreage at LVMS. With 910 of 1,200, there’s still 290 acres left.

• There were nearly 5,000 staffers in place during the festival.

• The total square footage of all the staging and everything else is 411,650.

• It takes eighteen days to pull all the staging and everything else together.

• Likewise, it takes 23 days of full production for the whole endeavour.

• It takes five days to pack up everything when the festival ends.

• The fireworks displays took up a half-dozen minutes each night.

• Some seventy people got hitched.

If this isn’t enough Nate Silver-esque number-crunching nerdiness, the folks at Rukkus.com have compiled even more fun facts, like the fact that if you were pay to see a half dozen of the festival’s headliners individually, you’d be doling out a rate on par with the festival’s current admission — three times over! Rukkus’s calculations indicate that seeing each act would cost $1,189 versus a pass to EDC, which sets you back $349.

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