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Mars a super favorite

Sure it would be great to close out Bruno Mars’ big year with him. But if you don’t get in, at least you don’t have to worry about his shelf life running out at midnight Tuesday.

On Budget: Free shows

Punk rock

Character Study: Britney Spears starts her Vegas run at Planet Hollywood

You may call her Brit, Britters, Brit-Brit or, as her new album title suggests, Britney Jean. By whatever name, the pop superstar says the Britney Spears we see onstage is “a character” that has to be maintained and sustained.

Beyonce dances with terminally ill fan at Las Vegas concert

It wasn’t enough for Beyonce to drop one of the biggest albums of the year right in the middle of the holiday season. Now, she’s made a young fan’s wish come true in a much bigger way.

Band plans fun entry to new year

At a silver metal table in a corner, one-half of Vegas indie rock Black Camaro is discussing their annual, ever-evolving New Year’s Eve variety show at Backstage Bar & Billiards, along with stage manager Lazer Lavin and show host Ryan Pardey.

Santana reunites with homeless ex-bandmate decades later

A news reporter for a San Francisco television station has reunited rock guitarist Carolos Santana with a former bandmate he hadn’t seen in decades and who now lives on the streets of Oakland.

Get ready for some (ahem) ‘live music’

This will come as a shock to you 20-somethings who are familiar only with DJs like Calvin Harris, but there are these other things in the world known as “bands,” composed of several musicians who play something called “live music.”

Cosmo’s new music venue aims for socializing without annoying others

The Chelsea, the eye-popping new venue at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, was designed to account for, even facilitate, social interaction without ruining the night for those who just want to watch the show.