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Ron White is a big fan of weed

Comedian Ron White — one of Las Vegas’ most popular headliners — says weed has become so normalized, politicians smoke with him in public.

White just stone-cold lit up with a congressman in Washington, DC.

“We were sitting on the street at a roadside cafe about midnight, openly smoking a joint right down the street from the Capitol,” White told me.

“I find a lot of those guys like to go at it pretty hard.”

White performs this Friday and Saturday at the Mirage, and again on Dec. 12-13.

I asked White: “What is your favorite method? Joint? Bong? Vapor? Pipe? Do you eat it?”

“Correct,” he answered. “Wow, that was a good guess, dude, you got all of them.”

Then, White looked around at the desk he was sitting at and counted all the paraphernalia within arm’s reach.

“There’s a small one-hitter. There’s a pipe that belonged to my friend Joey Waldon. There is a volcano vaporizer. There’s a vaporizer pen. That’s the one I really like. You can get some really great juice for those pens.”

(“Volcano vaporizer?” Some of these marijuana terms sound like sitcom plots.)

Anyway, White said (or joked?) he vapor-smoked marijuana on a plane.

“I’m sitting there drinking this great scotch, smoking this hash pen, watching a movie, eating dinner. I couldn’t have been happier. I couldn’t have cared where the plane was going, just hop on and fly for a while, baby.”

Which hobby could White give up easier — booze or marijuana?

“The thought of giving up either of them is terrifying to me,” he said.

“My therapist said, ‘It’s time for you to go to rehab, Ron. You’ve been through too much. You’re drinking too much. You’re really not taking care of yourself.’

“I’m like, ‘I’m good. I’m good. I am right where I should be.’”

In his act, White makes fun of Nevada politicians who have dragged their feet on marijuana laws and dispensaries.

“I just thought it was funny Nevada was taking a big moral stand against this,” White said.

“They have open-carry handguns, legalized prostitution, legalized gambling, liquor available 24 hours a day on the Strip. You can walk out on the Strip at 5 o’clock in the morning, crack open a beer, and bet on the camel toe races. ‘But don’t light a joint, because there are children here.’”

White thinks the argument about legalizing recreational marijuana comes down to one thing:

“Look at how many alcohol-related deaths there are a year, and look at how many marijuana-related deaths there are a year. That’s the whole story.”

Highway deaths have dropped in Colorado since voters legalized recreational weed, as Nevada voters likely will do in 2016. Also, it’s impossible to overdose on mary jane, unlike alcohol and many doctor drugs.

“We were just in Colorado. We went to a dispensary there that was its own grow house, and making its own product. It is a money-making machine!” White said.

“Eventually, Del Monte and Cargill and (other companies) will get involved, and the prices will go down.”

I wonder if this is what America felt like when alcohol Prohibition was ending.

Contact Doug Elfman at delfman@reviewjournal.com. He blogs at reviewjournal.com/elfman.

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