Comedian Jay Mohr making his presence felt

There used to be a few billboards of my face around Vegas, and I’m not going to lie. It was the coolest thing ever. Comedian Jay Mohr knows what I’m talking about. His face is all over Vegas billboards.

That’s because not only is Mohr performing Friday-Sunday at the South Point, he hosts the national show “Jay Mohr Sports” on Fox Sports Radio.

“That’s the best part of playing in Vegas, is driving to Vegas and seeing your own billboards. It is one of the most bizarre things,” Mohr said. “The only thing that tops that is getting stuck in your own traffic.

“I can’t imagine being Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld and just sitting in a Town Car and saying, ‘What’s taking so long?’ ‘Oh, well, everyone is piling in to see you. You are the reason for this traffic.’ ”

Mohr and I talked about the upcoming Super Bowl because Denver and Seattle are in the only two states with legal recreational marijuana.

“The Super Bowl should be sponsored by Graffix Bongs: ‘Graffix Bongs presents you a freshly packed Super Bowl. And there’s gonna be ice cubes in the bong because it’s being played in the snow.’ ”

Mohr has had some good scoops on his sports show. Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears told Mohr about dealing with borderline personality disorder.

But Mohr also gets scoopy interviews on his audio podcast, “Mohr Stories,” like when The Police’s Stewart Copeland admitted he was wrong in his feud with Sting.

Sometimes, Mohr’s wife, actress Nikki Cox of NBC’s former show “Las Vegas,” jumps onto the podcast. Mohr has yet to make his 2½-year-old kid a staple talker on “Mohr Stories,” but Mohr said the kid has chops.

“He’s more tech savvy than I am. The baby is now switching out sim cards (on phones) and changing the passwords to Facebook accounts.”

I’ve never seen Mohr not kill onstage. He’s really funny. He rarely repeats material. And he always does industry-standard impressions of Christopher Walken and Tracy Morgan.

“I don’t know anybody who has more fun,” Mohr said of his stand-up. “I love it, love it, love it. It’s so weird that your job is to change a mood. That is never lost on me. It’s the only job where people pay money to get happy.

“You can go to a ballgame, but your team may lose. I guarantee you I am undefeated. I am the road team. I will always come to you.

“I will never lose, and we’ll all walk out winners, I promise.”


The Tropicana has had trouble getting traction for its now-defunct nightclubs, so the hotel is doing something new: a lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender pool party called “Xposed!” complete with its own exclamation point. It’s billed as the Strip’s only LGBT-themed pool party on “SaturGays.”

A naked-y webcam model named Savannah Camden tweeted a photo of herself with Coolio on Tuesday, and she wrote she was, “About to Web Cam from @coolio’s house in beautiful Las Vegas! 😉 come see me at” I missed her broadcast, so I can’t tell you what went down.

And a sighting: Ryan Walker, keyboardist in Imagine Dragons, dined with his girlfriend Tuesday night at La Comida Mexican restaurant downtown. He had margaritas. She made friends with Jameson on the rocks.

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