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Could The CW pick up ‘Gotham’ from Fox?

Question: The CW picked up “Supergirl” after cancellation, any chance it would do the same with “Gotham”? — Bobbie

Matt Roush: The CW is pretty much a comic book/ superhero network now with very few exceptions — and the best of those exceptions (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Jane the Virgin”) are on their last legs.

But the circumstances are different. CBS dispatched “Supergirl” to The CW after just one season, while “Gotham” has had a full five-season run that was designed to take the story to where young Bruce Wayne evolves into the Caped Crusader, at which point it’s no longer an origin story.

This end point was decided upon by the show’s creative team in announcing a final season a year ago. So I don’t see it resurfacing anywhere unless it takes a decidedly different form.

Question: We watch NBC’s “Superstore” every week and enjoy it a lot. However, we’ve always wondered if the show is taped at an actual store or on a soundstage. It’s very realistic! — Ray

Roush: Ah, the magic of TV, and the craft of superior production design. The pilot episode of “Superstore” was indeed reportedly filmed in a repurposed Kmart store. But once the show was ordered to series, the expansive Cloud 9 set was designed on soundstages on the Universal lot.

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