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‘Mom’ a worthy comedy, but not for everybody

Question: A lot of people recommend watching “Mom,” but when I heard it was created and written by Chuck Lorre, the same guy who made “The Big Bang Theory,” it was an instant “nope!” But since I trust your TV judgment, is it worth watching? — Thelma

Matt Roush: These questions are tough to answer, because while I have been on record from the start as a fan of “Mom,” that style of comedy isn’t to everyone’s taste.

If you flinch at the very thought of “The Big Bang Theory,” then maybe a sitcom in the same style — big broad jokes in front of a studio audience — won’t be to your liking.

But I’ve always found “Mom” to be a cut above the Chuck Lorre norm, more in the mode of a show such as the original “Roseanne” or “Grace Under Fire,” as it tracks the lives of mostly working-class people trying to put their selves together while in recovery from addiction. These characters often suffer serious setbacks, but never lose their blunt sense of humor.

“Mom” began as more of a domestic comedy but has evolved into a female buddy comedy about hardworking Christy (Anna Faris), her more outrageous also-in-recovery mom Bonnie (Allison Janney) and their core group of friends in a support group. (Kristen Johnston joined the gang this season as a boisterous ex-con.)

I recommend “Mom,” while acknowledging that it might not be your beverage of choice.

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