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Time for cattle call at Daytime Emmys in Las Vegas

Time to feed the (snort, snort) cattle. That would be us, the media. (Hey, we’ve been called worse). “Is anyone here interested in interviewing cast from ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’?” asked the “B&B” publicist, strolling in front of scrunched-in reporters and camera people roped off from the red carpet, lest we soil the Beautiful People Pathway at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Aliens, dude in a dog suit populate new summer TV series

If there is, in fact, intelligent life somewhere else in the universe — and at this point, I’d hate to think we’re all there is — here’s hoping whatever’s out there bases its view of Earthlings on something other than this summer’s network TV lineup.

‘Taxi,”Grease’ star Jeff Conaway dies at 60

Jeff Conaway, who starred in the sitcom “Taxi” and the movie musical “Grease” and battled drug and alcohol addiction on “Celebrity Rehab,” died Friday.

Glass prepared for informal, yet swift, justice

District Judge Jackie Glass says her informal role of a drug court judge is what prepared her to replace Nancy Grace as host of the TV show “Swift Justice” this September, not the fact that she presided perhaps with a heavy hand over O.J. Simpson’s high-profile armed robbery trial in 2008.

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