You never know when you might see actress Leslie Mann in Vegas

She’s America’s girlfriend.

Tell Leslie Mann that many of us just want to have coffee and hang out with her every single day of our lives and she releases one of those trademark infectious laughs. “Really?” Mann says. “Awww … that’s so nice.”

Mann, who stars with Robert De Niro in the new film “The Comedian,” is back home after a whirlwind trip to Sundance with her director-hub Judd Apatow.

But the 44-year-old Newport Beach, California, native and mom of Maude and Iris will likely be on the road again soon, and loves quick family jaunts to Las Vegas.

Review-Journal: One imagines a “La La Land” type of Sunday at the House of Apatow. Is it jokes, running lines and creating future film hilarity?

Mann: “No! It’s me in bed in my jammies watching ‘CBS Sunday Morning.’ I love that show. … Sundays to us are hanging out with the family. We sit in our family room and just talk. And we usually end up eating out somewhere.”

R-J: Switching gears. … I hear there have been Leslie Mann sightings in Vegas?

Mann: “Yes! We loooovvve going to Vegas. We were just there. My gosh, how did you know?

R-J: What was a great Vegas trip of the past?

Mann: “We always took the kids to Vegas when they were little to go see the magic shows and Cirque du Soleil. I loved ‘O.’ People might not realize that you can have so much fun with kids in Vegas. The restaurants are so good and there’s so much fun to find.”

R-J: De Niro was one of the founders of an acclaimed restaurant in Vegas. Did you get nervous working with him?

Mann: (Laughing): “It was my first time meeting De Niro and I was terrified. But the second I met him, I realized that he was such a sweetheart. He immediately put me at ease. … Every single day was a fun day working. I had to pinch myself daily. I was doing scenes with Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel. Dream come true time.”

R-J: So after filming with De Niro, what do you do when the director yells, “Cut?

Mann: “During the breaks, I’d sit in my trailer and try to breathe.”

R-J: Why aren’t you in every other movie?

Mann: “Well, I don’t work that much. I’m a mother. If I work once a year, I want it to be a feeling I want to express. Take ‘This is 40.’ I really wanted to express my feelings about getting older. I want to make movies that express something that’s going on in my life.”

R-J: Since you brought it up, how do you feel about aging?

Mann: “I have lunches with my girlfriends and sometimes we’re crying and screaming about aging and then we laugh about it. I keep asking women who are a little bit older, ‘When is this feeling going to pass about aging?’ They say, ‘It doesn’t pass. It just gets worse.’ ”

R-J: Not to pry into your marriage, but do you wander into Judd’s office and figure out what movie you’ll do together next? Or does he come find you in the backyard and say, “You’re perfect for this?”

Mann: “Not really. It doesn’t happen that way. The things we’ve done together are special because we’ve worked together making them from the start. I loved doing ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘This is 40’ with Judd. It was great working on being married to Paul Rudd in ‘This is 40’ with my husband.”

R-J: Do you get recognized everywhere? Or is it usually a case of … you look like that actress?

Mann: “It depends on where I am. Sometimes yes, I get recognized. Sometimes no. If you’re low-key, you can go anywhere without being noticed. Maybe not if you’re Kim Kardashian, but it works for me.”

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