Find out what financial resources could help your HOA

This week, we are turning over the column to the Nevada Chapter, Community Associations Institute’s Community Interests magazine staff. This column, which first appeared in the online Community Interests magazine,, looks at little-known financial resources for your homeowners association.

Did you know there are untapped monies for HOAs and communities just waiting for applications to be considered and awarded?

The Neighborhood Partners Fund is designed to assist with neighborhood improvement projects. The program grants up to $5,000. Those funds must be matched by the neighborhood with a combination of cash, donated supplies, professional services and volunteer labor.

City and county grant programs are available across the country and can help with a variety of needs from increased signage to security lights at a community gate. The application process usually consists of preparing an outline and budget and giving a presentation on the effect the project will have on the community. It’s also important to note that since most grant programs are designed to be community builders, there usually is a requirement to report the number of volunteer hours contributed by neighbors over the life of the grant.

Nevada groups that offer this kind of funding,, include:

■ Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program

■ Neighborhood Partners Fund

■ Lead-Based Paint Program

Neighborhood Grants,

It’s worth checking with your City Council representative to find out if some form of support is available. Instead of a grant maybe it’s a graffiti cleanup hotline or senior outreach series that could be used by residents in your neighborhood.

One simple call is all it takes to find out about unique resources waiting to be shared with your community.

NOTE: I am looking into to proposed state legislation that would eliminate the nine-month superlien law. Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, (D-Las Vegas) has proposed Assembly Bill 369. If this law were to pass it would be economically devastating for associations and place more financial burden on our homeowners. You can voice your opinion in emails to and let her know if you disapprove of her proposal. I think it’s time for laws to help us and not hurt us. You also can call Judi at 775 684 8868.

Barbara Holland is a certified property manager, broker and supervisory certified association manager. Questions may be sent to

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