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Homeowner says letter wasn’t nice but it wasn’t harassment

I sent management a couple of emails they didn’t like. Now I’m being charged for harassment. There is no bylaw covering “you have to be nice to management,” so they are citing me under a “no firearms are to be discharged/ no unsafe fires are to be started.”

5 ways to get the highest price for your home

We’ve had quite a real estate ride in Las Vegas since the early 2000s. Realtors who have navigated market conditions through recessions, foreclosure crisis, pandemics and extreme appreciation or depreciation are going to have experience, and their versatility and savvy will show in their online reviews.

Las Vegas construction industry facing new normal

With all construction, whether it is residential, multifamily or commercial, we are entering a new normal, and we won’t fully know what that normal is for a few years to come.

Higher interest rates could stabilize housing market

The good news is as interest rates rise; home valuations begin to stabilize. Inventory is also beginning to increase, a move that typically makes it easier to buy a home. In fact, Realtor.com estimates active listings will grow 15 percent this year and home sales are “expected to hit their second-highest level in 15 years.”

Homeowners association has power to fine fighters

I live in a townhouse community. There is a home where the residents nearly daily get into extremely loud, screaming fights. Police have been called more than a few times. Numerous complaints have been filed to the homeowners association, but nothing seems to be getting done.

What new water restrictions could communities face?

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that we have a major water issue in Southern Nevada. Lake Mead is now 29 percent full. I can remember going to Lake Mead with my family to see the water that was overflowing in the 1990s through the spillways. The writing is on the wall!

Vegas real estate still hot but takes first steps back to normal

Overall, Las Vegas is still one of the country’s hottest real estate markets, as people from all over the world come here to live. Real estate is a long-term appreciating asset, just make sure to set your expectations and be aware of the changing marketplace.

Mortgage interest rates are just one factor in the market

The Las Vegas real estate market captivates and intrigues us, in part because it’s never boring! Right now, the market enjoys the confluence of continued strong demand, job creation and business diversification. Those who proclaim that prices will fall simply because mortgage interest rates have risen are ignoring the ongoing contribution of job creation and economic diversification.

New water law unclear when it comes to communities

You are not the only one waiting for clarification. I think we all are waiting for direction. It is my understanding the law, which was passed last legislative session, excluded residential owners who own their own property. This would include their front and backyards. Common areas of an association would fall under the new law as to whether your common area landscape is inefficient use of grass.

Homeowner wants rental cap for new community

Based on the six-month rental clause in your governing documents, there is no rental cap. You could have a significant number of renters. You would have to talk with the developer and see if they are willing to modify the CCRs to have a rental cap not to exceed 25 percent of the units.

Homeowner has long list of HOA complaints

As to the first item: Set an appointment with the management company and bring all of your documentation. It may take then a week or so for their accounting department to go through their records. Assuming that the same management company has been in place during the last six years, the accounting department should be able to view your information against the association records.

Presentation is key in staging luxury homes for sale

Collaborators Darin Marques, founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington Ellis, and Heidi Carlsen, home staging expert with Stately Home Staging, have their fingers on the direct pulse of Southern Nevada luxury real estate and understand just what helps sell these properties to high-earning individuals. The answer lies in the presentation. These two partnering experts weigh in on the key elements of home staging and what it means for both the Realtor and designer standpoint.

Large tree sheds leaves into neighbor’s yard, pool

If you have not contacted the owner of the house, please do so. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting face to face, then send the homeowner a letter. You may want to include some photographs. Ask the owner to please take care of overhangs, otherwise you will be forced to have your landscaper cut the limbs. By placing your neighbor on notice, allowing a reasonable amount of time for the neighbor to respond, you would be reducing any liability from the neighbor by trimming the tree.

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