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How can I document my debts and assets on a mortgage application?

Q: What will mortgage lenders want to know about my debts and bills?

A: Mortgage applications ask you to list all debts and how much you spend each month on everything from rent or your current mortgage (plus hazard insurance, property taxes, mortgage insurance, homeowners association dues and home equity loans or lines of credit) to credit cards, car loans, student loans, child support and alimony.

Your lender needs to know how much you owe, the required monthly payments, the creditor’s name and address and the account numbers. Save copies of your most recent bills so you can find and accurately report this information.

You won’t have to submit any of those bills, however. The lender will check that information against your credit report, which not only will list all of your debts but also show whether you’re paying your bills on time.

Sometimes a debt won’t show up on your credit report, but you’re still required to disclose it on your mortgage application. Intentionally misrepresenting liabilities (or assets) constitutes fraud.

If you don’t have a credit history, your lender may check with your landlord and utility providers for a history of on-time payments.

Q: How can I prove that I have assets, too?

A: If you own certificates of deposit (CDs), savings accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, a life insurance policy with cash value, or real estate, you’ll need proof of ownership and market value.

Your two most recent statements from a bank or brokerage will normally satisfy lenders about stocks, bonds and monetary holdings.

For land or other real estate, you’ll need deeds and other documentation. Your lender will determine its current value.

If there have been any unusually large deposits (ones that exceed 50 percent of your total monthly qualifying income for the mortgage) into any of your accounts, the lender will need to know where the money came from. The lender wants to make sure it’s not from another loan that isn’t listed on your application and could prevent you from repaying your mortgage.

If the deposit’s source isn’t clear from your bank statement, you’ll need to document it.

For example, if you sold a car for cash, you could provide a copy of the title transfer, or if you recently received cash as a wedding gift, a copy of the wedding invitation might suffice.

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Changes in law will affect how associations can tow vehicles

Senate Bill 212 was changed. It affects how associations can tow vehicles in the community. The existing law states that a vehicle may not be towed until 48 hours after affixing a notice to the vehicle that explains when it will be towed (with the exception of vehicles that are related to health, safety or welfare, i.e. parking in front of fire hydrants, etc.).


Editor’s note: Listings include the resale home’s parcel number. The address listed is the homebuyer’s mailing address and not the actual location of the resale home. About 90 percent of these addresses reflect the home purchase. Check the parcel number to make sure. Also, a few transactions do not reflect the market value of the homes. The information is provided by Accudata, a local research firm. For the complete listing, visit RJRealEstate.Vegas.

New Nevada laws that will affect HOAs

There were not too many laws passed in this last legislative session that affected our local homeowners associations. Here are some that did.

BHHS partners with Adwerx to offer Realtors new program

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties, in partnership with Adwerx Enterprises, has launched a new platform, called Brilliantly Simple to immediately advertise its real estate listings online. The platform automatically creates digital advertising programs for each home, including custom ads that are optimized for social media, apps and websites.

Homeowners have right to see HOA financial records

Per Nevada Revised Statute 116.31175 (1a), upon written request, you are entitled to receive financial statements from your association. Please send a formal specific request of what financial statements that you would like to receive.

High land costs affect developments

For all the job growth and expansion in the Las Vegas economy, a lack of land and its high cost is restricting growth in the valley, experts told the Southern Nevada real estate and development community.

Local home prices stuck at $300,000

For the third straight month, the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, GLVAR, reported that local home prices are hovering at $300,000, while the number of homes on the market continues to increase.

Fair Housing Law requires accommodations for disabled

The Fair Housing Law requires accommodations for the disabled. Based upon your email, the homeowner would have a strong claim against the association if the homeowner was forced to remove the motor home, or if the association were to fine the homeowner because of the therapy equipment. Take the time to meet with this homeowner and see if there are any other viable alternatives.

HOA must deal with bully board member

The only way to keep bully board members in check is for the entire board to deal with the issue in executive session. Depending upon the gravity of the situation, legal counsel should be informed and invited to attend the executive session.

Federal law allows for service animals in HOA

The Fair Housing Act amendments of 1988 extended the protections of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Associations must allow service dogs and emotional support animals, if necessary for a person with a disability.