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Resale Homes Dec. 3-6

Real estate data from around Clark County

Few Las Vegas homes have no HOA

The majority of the homes in Las Vegas (even those older than 20 years) have a homeowners association and or are a part of one of the valley’s master-planned communities.

Mortgages blip upward as Fed enacts rate increase

Mortgage rates rose this week as the Federal Reserve finally raised the federal funds rate from its near-zero percent level, where it had been for exactly seven years.

Experts say Phoenix ahead of Vegas in recovery

Both Las Vegas and Phoenix were hit the hardest during the Great Recession but one difference propelled Arizona’s capital ahead of Sin City in recovery.

Resale Homes Nov. 26-29

Real estate closings

Mortgage rates rise modestly ahead of Fed meeting

Mortgage rates increased this week in preparation for an increasingly likely rate hike next week by the Federal Reserve

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