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What can $900,000 get?

We are seeing more people moving to Southern Nevada from Chicago, the Midwest and the East Coast than ever before.

Fewer people paying cash for homes in Las Vegas

Cash buyers may soon be a thing of the past as the housing market in Las Vegas slowly returns to normal.

Las Vegas master plans popular

Can you tell me the advantages of living in a master-planned community?

Updating community rules is big job

Q: I have been a homeowner within a homeowners association for 20 years and am a former board member. Over time, the covenants, conditions and restrictions and bylaws need to be reviewed, modified and revised to reflect the changing needs of the community. Our current community manager says we’ll never get the votes so we do nothing.

Moving to Las Vegas: Rent or buy

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is an attractive place to live but local Realtors suggest you break down the pros and cons of finding a rental property versus buying a home before you get here.

Check with zoning and HOA before building anything

Rental properties can be an excellent opportunity for income, but if you live in a common-interest community (homeowners association), find out any requirements or restrictions.

Mesquite homeowner says HOA making it hard to sell home

Q: My wife and I are seniors living in a Mesquite retirement community that is still under development. We have been desperately trying to sell our property for almost a year with very little success. We knew that when we moved to this community that it was driven and controlled by a homeowners association, unfortunately, we didn’t realize just how little influence the homeowner has here.

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