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Preserving Las Vegas neighborhoods a growing practice

Las Vegas is not a city known for its reverence for the past — houses built in the 1980s are considered “old,” and once-grand casinos like the Riviera can be blasted to smithereens as soon as their glory begins to fade. But interest in historic preservation is growing here of late, fueled by the current cultural mania for anything Midcentury.

Seven crucial facts about FHA loans

FHA loans are popular with mortgage borrowers because of lower down payment requirements and less stringent lending standards.

FHA refi with no equity, damaged credit or debt

You can refinance a home with an FHA loan even if you have little or no equity, a damaged credit score or higher debt than lenders usually accept.

Home sales down but experts not worried

Mortgage rates fell this week as global market concerns resurfaced and government bond yields moved lower. Meanwhile, more data shed light on the housing market’s strengthening recovery.

Can HOA’s stop criminals?

Homeowner associations are not the police department. There is only so much that the board and management company can do in helping to deter crime.


Data on local resales

Home improvement hot spots: Who’s remodeling?

After doing just enough to maintain their homes in the wake of the Great Recession, Americans are starting to ramp up spending on backyard decks, spalike bathrooms and other vanity improvements.

Vegas loan officer Fred Grohgan answers question on rate locks

Dear Expert: I’m thinking about taking the leap and buying a home. I hear the term “rate lock” a lot. Exactly what is it and would now be a good time to use it? — All Locked Up Dear Locked: