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Study says Nevada No. 7 for new residents

Study says Nevada No. 7 for new residents

Nevada is No. 7 among states where Americans are moving, according to the fourth annual United Van Lines migration study — between Florida and Washington, D.C. Oregon was No. 1.

According to the study — and this will be no surprise to people in Las Vegas — much of the outbound traffic is spurred by retirees hunting for warmer weather.

The Northeast and Midwest were high on the list of fleeing states, topped by New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Connecticut and Ohio.

For the infographic, go to keepingcurrentmatters.com


Money mag: Vegas No. 2 in rent price drop in 2016

While it seems everything cost more year after year, Money Magazine, quoting Zillow estimates, reports that only one other city nationally will see rents dropping more steeply year over year than Las Vegas.

In December 2015, the median monthly rent in Las Vegas was $1,212. The projected median rent by the end of the year is $1,191. That’s a 1.8 percent decline.

The only city expected to see a great rent cost decline is Indianapolis, projected to go from $1,181 to $1,138 — a drop of 3.6 percent.

That $22 drop in Vegas might not seem like much, but according to the article, rents are expected to rise in most metro areas. And you could be paying rents in neighboring California, which had the top three expensive cities for renters in the report. San Jose, for example, will set you back $3,699 a month (median rent).

See the full article in Money at time.com/money.

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Grandfathered rentals in HOA protected by law

If your CCRs did not prohibit renting or leasing at the time you purchased your rental homes the association cannot prohibit the renting or leasing of homes.

Don’t park in the handicap spot

Yes, you were wrong. And, no the association does not by law have to provide you any notice for parking in a handicap spot per NRS 116.3102 (1s).

Southern Nevada Health District implements pool regulations

As you are already aware, the new Southern Nevada Health District regulations went into effect July 1. At first the cyanuric acid level (stabilized chlorine) regulation was going to stay the same at 100 ppm, meaning the body of water would have to be drained and refilled as it always has been.

Variety of homeownership programs available

In what’s being called a game-changer in increasing homeownership rates in Las Vegas, Bank of America has included Southern Nevada in a new loan program to provide free down payment assistance to homebuyers.

HOA board member must follow pet rule like everyone else

Your officers and directors are homeowners. They have the same obligations and the same responsibilities in complying with the governing documents of the association. In this case, the management company should be sending a violation letter to the vice president.

3 can make a quorum for HOA board

Let’s assume that you have a full board of five directors and at a duly noticed board meeting only three directors can attend.

Changes in law will affect how associations can tow vehicles

Senate Bill 212 was changed. It affects how associations can tow vehicles in the community. The existing law states that a vehicle may not be towed until 48 hours after affixing a notice to the vehicle that explains when it will be towed (with the exception of vehicles that are related to health, safety or welfare, i.e. parking in front of fire hydrants, etc.).


Editor’s note: Listings include the resale home’s parcel number. The address listed is the homebuyer’s mailing address and not the actual location of the resale home. About 90 percent of these addresses reflect the home purchase. Check the parcel number to make sure. Also, a few transactions do not reflect the market value of the homes. The information is provided by Accudata, a local research firm. For the complete listing, visit RJRealEstate.Vegas.