Dermalogica study says hydration, sunscreen key to healthy summer skin

Fact: Eighty-three percent of women admit they dedicate more time to their skin care routine than their love life. That was only one of the findings in a recent study conducted by Dermalogica, a favorite with celebs including Maria Menounos.

The biggest worry for Las Vegans? According to the study, we don’t believe, along with 49 percent of women and 85 percent of Millennials, that air pollution is a major skin issue if you don’t live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles. Wrong. In fact, 90 percent of the world lives in a place where the air quality limits exceed safety limits.

The quick fix before summer? Whitney Johnson, Dermalogica’s senior field instructor in Las Vegas, provided a few tips on how to rid your visage of the ravages of daily life.

Summer is just around the corner. What should we be doing to prep our skin?

We live in a place that’s dry and so windy, so we have to find a way to hydrate our skin on a daily basis. Yes, drink water to hydrate internally, but you also have to focus on what you use topically to hydrate and work on pollution.

Everyone wants to look younger. What is one step in that direction that anyone could take today.

The number one anti-aging product is a good SPF. You might think what’s in your foundation is enough, but in a harsh climate like the desert it’s not. Remember to reapply.

For those of us who are about to live in the pool what can we do?

UV rays break down our skin’s structure and they’re stronger in a pool. Certain things help like white tea, vitamin C because it breaks down the battle with the sun, and other anti-occidants. Apply your sunscreen again and again. And find a good exfoliant to minimize brown spots that occur from sun. If your cheeks feel rough, it’s a build up of skin cells, dirt and grime. Exofliate.”

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